Celebrate Halloween like a BOSS!
Look at that DUDE!

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The caption is: "'Hand tube' fireworks use 3 kilograms of gunpowder. All fireworks are handmade by the festival participants. The 400-year-old festival pays the evil spirits by the use of fireworks but it is a very dangerous festival."—Hidenobu Suzuki, photographer. 

You better believe it's dangerous, man! I’m thinking of how we used to celebrate Halloween in West Fullerton, us young guys, 1957-1965 or so. Let’s just say we didn’t have 3-kilogram tube fireworks to burn down houses with! (Some guys would have loved them .. ) ALMOST 7 POUNDS OF FIREWORKS? IN A LONG TUBE!

The area between the 91 Freeway in the South, West Valencia and the orange groves on the North, Brookhurst or Magnolia on the East and Harbor Boulevard on the East was a battle zone of kids running around, riding bikes, cruising in cars, throwing firecrackers and an occasional cherry bomb, throwing eggs at screen doors, and once in a while, a scuffle or a fight, AND PLENTY OF BLOOD-CURDLING THREATS!  (LOL)

I stayed on Hill Street near Jeff Nix’s house, behind Nicolas Junior High, and tried to keep a low profile. The air was dense with gunpowder.

Actual firearms? I don’t know. 

Sometimes there were comical chases. Seriously, the average kid would be lucky to have 5 or 6 firecrackers. Yes, 5 or 6, not 5 or 6 packages. We tried to light them and set them off economically, but time flies when you’re 12 years old. By 9 PM, the evening was mostly “spent” except for the older guys with cars and their girlfriends.