1978 at Sunny Hills HS



From the top: 


Mrs. Frances Obler, English and Journalism, smiling at her desk


Mr. Thomas Bresee, Dean of Counseling


Coach Crow, Football


Mr Fred Meier, Dean


Mr. Robert Linn, History


Mr. Gordon Traylor, Mathematics


Mr. Garrido, Spanish


Mr. Sproul, Chemistry


Coach Bob Baar, Baseball


Coach Garner Barnett, Track and Field


Mr. Carl Ames, Economics


Mr, Tom Bell, Mathematics


Mrs. Julie Ritner-Simpson, English


Coach Russell Hawk, Basketball


Coach Richard Skain, Football


Mr. Sayers, English


Mr. Russ Goveia, Civics


[Need help]


Mr. Joe Snider, Mathematics


[need help]


[need help]


Mr, Nordstrom, Biology


Mrs. Julie Ritner-Simpson, English


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