New look at St. Andrew’s, at East Commonwealth near North Raymond.
Landscaping on the old lawn in front, with boats?

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Linda Percan Callen on February 24, 2018 at 3:56 PM said:

This is the "Seeds of Hope" garden to grow boatloads of food for local food pantries.

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You’re looking west from Victoria Place near where it meets East Chapman -- the entry to the church parking lot --  and west across church property to St. Andrew’s.

Once in a while I’d go to St. Andrew’s with Craig Scott, ’67 and his family. So many other Lancer families attended, too. 

I remember a wonderful man who was a priest or minister there around 1968-1969: Reverend Vest. He had been an engineer before he entered the clergy, and he was a kind, wise man. 

I’m trying to remember the physical layout of St. Andrew’s, specifically to the west of the sanctuary. There was a plot of lawn, and then an old house converted into The Book Cellar. Right? 

Raymond Elementary School was about 100 yards west, maybe not even that far, and Ryden Richardson, ’67 and I went there -- me for kindergarten and 1st grade anyway. Any other Lancers at Raymond?