Bourbon Street Days
The heyday of Bourbon Street for ‘60s Lancers was probably about 2009 to 2014, when Charlie Hale had to retire. We’re consolidating the best Bourbon Street photos here, and you can correct mistakes and leave your comments.

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Charlie and his sister Trudy


labeled: Charlie and David Andersen. 



Charlie with Barb Smith Whitfield, ’67


labeled: Charlie with Avril Ford 


labeled: Cynthia Byerrum, Barb Smith Whitfield, Charlie and Carole Brozowski. 


Cynthia Byerrum


Kathy Delahanty


Charlie and Sandy Wagen


Charlie and Mary Citrano


Sandy Lehmer Razcka and Lou Machos


Labeled, Jeff Nix, Terry Messick Carlson, and Charlie and Vinny Tulumello. 


Jeff Nix and Charlie


Charlie’s wife Marisa, Charlie and Glenna Newkirk Spindelman, FUHS ’67


Charlie and Jim Arnold


Richard Wagen and Sandy Stinson


Charlie and his family, with Steve Noonan. 


Andy Wendland and his wife. 


Kathy Delahanty and Avril Ford dance. 


labeled: Sandy Stinson and Carole Brozowski. 


You’re lstening to “Big Boss Man”: Charlie Hale, lead vocal; with Al Valdez and Steve Omalev.

The Bourbon Street scene is alive and well, and Steve Noonan appears regularly.