Frenchy & the Matterhorn
Our friend John Jay (Frenchy) Pelletier, ’65 has now written and published two books, We asked Frenchy how he got his job climbing the Matterhorn at Disneyland in Anaheim. See his story below the photo, and where to order his books.

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"I spent my youngest years in the woods with my Dad and uncles cutting down trees as a young lumberjack.  I knew all my knots by 10 years old plus used to climb into tall tree to cut from the top.  Plus being in Boy Scouts in Fullerton troop 91, the oldest troop in Orange County, helped me feel at home.  


"I got in at Disneyland by accident. I drove a friend for an Interview and was asked to sit in.  Two hours later we both had a job.  


"In 1965-STEVE Morris went to work in the front office selling tickets and I went into the talent division.  There was an opening for a Matterhorn climber and all you had to do was tie four knots. I did ten and got the job climbing the Matterhorn 4 times in an 8 hour shift.  


"I loved it plus did extra fake falls and that brought the attention of Walt Disney.  He dropped by one day to watch our show and later on called me 'The Little Frenchman Who Gives Our Guests Their Money’s Worth'. 


"Just read my first book-“For the Love of God What I’m I still Alive.” It’s on E-Books.  It’s all in there plus much more.
John the public speaker and storyteller: