Fullerton: The Boom Years
This illustrated 2015 book by 3 Fullerton people is about the period from 1945 to about 1970.


To learn more about it, you can read some short excerpts. 

1. Click on the photo of this book, below. 

2. Then find the words "Book Sections: Cover and Beginning” near the left hand margin. 

3. Click on either one. 

I’m ordering a copy right away. 



The authors:

Sylvia Palmer Mudrick is a former reporter for the Fullerton Daily News Reporter, often the first on the scene at many major events. For over thirty years, she also served as public information coordinator for the City of Fullerton.  

Debora Richey is a research librarian at California State University-Fullerton and a longtime board of directors member for Fullerton Heritage. She has published a number of books and articles on the history of Fullerton.

Cathy Thomas is the former curator of the Local History Room of the Fullerton Public Library, where she helped develop one of the most valuable and premier local history collections in Orange County.