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Honor Flight, George Vermillion, '67.
Presented by our old friend George Vermillion, '67 in Hanover, Maryland. George is a retired U.S. Navy Flight Commander. We've asked George to tell us about this project. MORE LATER.

Here's what George has to say about this remarkable program: below the links. 

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"Thanks for asking. 
"A few years ago, While attending a wreath-laying ceremony at the World War II Memorial on Veterans Day, I met a lot of people who had come from all over the country  for that special day, including Veterans from the Battle of the Bulge and Iwo Jima.
"There were several Honor Flights, They came from Ohio, Illinois, New Mexico and Florida. I was privileged to meet these men form our parents' generation.I kept coming back eack year, until this past year, I met the founder, Earl Morse. I told him How great his program was,  I just learned that day there were 120 hubs and the program went on all summer. I was also disappointed that few DC residents were even aware that the program existed.
"Earl told me about a new documentary called 'Honor Flight' and introduced me to Dan Hayes, the filmmaker. Iwas invited to a screening, saw the film and volunteered to recruit for the film in the DC area.  It is very easy for us, living in this area to be an important part of it.
"There are organizations dedicated to welcoming veterans at the three airports whom I support as well. Without giving away too much, you can see the film with I tunes. But people can meet flights casually at the Memorial and don't need to be part of an official organization, If they are, they can bring the group.
"Without giving away too much, the movie tells te story much better than I can write, you can see it with Itunes or get the DVD from
August 18, 2013."

Classmates, you can buy a ticket to support this project, even if you can't attend. Or donate your tickets to people who can attend: maybe a classroom of children, or folks at a home for the elderly? 



Or you can purchase the video and send donations -- maybe in honor of your father, mother, uncles or aunts who served our country in World War Two. - Paul.