Fullerton, Los Angeles, Pasadena, too. Way up to Goleta, all the way to Needles. From Stanton to Portola Ranch, from La Habra Heights to Sunset Beach, from Los Alamitos to San Clemente, from one end of Anaheim to the other, and Redding, Carmel, Indio

New St. Jude Endowment
2 new underpasses in town
Turbo the Fugitive Fullerton Tortoise
New health center, not a med school for Chapman
Disneyland 2017
More problems at USC Med
USC Interim Med School Dean
Used bookstore moves to Fullerton
Lost child found
Truck versus Ambulance, East Fullerton

Where my good friend Ryden Richardson, ’67

and I attended several years of early

elementary school. Anyone else from ‘60s SHHS? 

Also close to the Polly’s Pies restaurant that

Gordon Carter manages, or did until recently. 

Armed barricade at Irvine church
City Park news
Fullerton bar occupancy increase OKed
Armed Robbers in Sunny Hills

NOTE: Often a story like this one appears in the media and we never hear about it again. 

New City Manager
For sale on Balboa Peninsula
Navy SEAL boats confused for ..
Gambling halls busted in Fullerton

Less than a block from Buena Park High School. 

FUHS ’65 lady celebrates 100th birthday!
A new tenant for an old friend, John Turek
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Man in Dana Point barricades himself for 10 hours

We keep seeing people who live near these barricade or hostage situations involving firearms and police, and the people stand around or lean from balconies to watch. They expose themselves to possible lines of fire that way. 

1.“I Got 5 Lagunas & I love ‘em just the same .. "



2. “Please come to Trestles/We got lots of room "



3 "Oh little Jeanie, she got so much love, little"



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