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Monday night, February 18, 2019. 

Rain has been the story in Orange County for the last few weeks. We’re expecting more rain for Thursday and Friday. Meanwhile it’s chilly -- 38 F. degrees expected for tonight. Is that smudge pot weather? It’s close .. 

We have some Lancers going in for shoulder and knee replacements, and some with very serious illnesses, too. On the lighter side, grandchildren are the ticket! Lancers continue to travel the world and enjoy informal get-togethers. We have a lot to be grateful for. 

After all the rains, California wildflowers are having a banner year, 

Please send photos, any photos you'd like to send. is my address. 



Saturday, February 2, 2019

Southern California from Santa Barbara to San Diego is taking a beating from a major rainstorm, the first of the we’ll have. Although there have been flash flood warnings in several countries, the big problem is landslides that occur in areas burned out but the brushfires: Malibu, Santa Barbara and elsewhere. Pacific Coast Highway was close for a while Friday.



Some items from the Orange County Register today, January 30, 2019: 



Pho 79 is the first Orange County restaurant to win a prestigious James Beard Foundation award

["Bustling chain specializing in a variety of broth-based Vietnamese soups in a basic setting”, in Garden Grove].


January 20, 2019

I’ll be back Tuesday morning, friends. Still waiting on Time Warner to come out and hook me up again. Then I can log onto the Net from home. Happy Trails .. 


January 16, 2019.

“Let’s wish Roy Kaye, ’63 well”. Please?

There’s a familiar face in “Look who’s here”, on your menu. 

Rest in peace, Mrs. Jane Mizumoto, 1928-2018.

Say hi to Paulette Lucania, ’66. 

Some of you may have known Richard Stack, FUHS ’66, who died recently. See his obituary below on the menu. 

We also have a bitchin’ new photo of Jon King, ’67. On your menu below. 

Also please take a look at “For Russell Lowe."

Sweet Home Arizona!



January 10, 2019. We mourn the loss of Meri McClelland McGuire, '64. Obituary available soon. 

Coming up on January 22, Mark Collins, '67 birthday. 

5 more Lancers have logged onto the SPOON by 3 PM PST today, January 12, 2019, up from 9 yesterday. Our 2018 daily average was 22.8. 

At right, the Fullerton Riders corral, below the lake in Sunny Hills. Established circa 1953. 

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Dale Dell'Ario on January 29, 2019 at 9:11 PM said:

Hey Chris,
Short story is that I settled in the Great Pacific Northwest in '87. Moved here with my family from the Bay Area, got divorced and remarried. Both of my kids Tony and Jenny live nearby, wonderful self-sustaining adults. I'm getting close to retirement and simultaneously a startup founder of what could be an amazingly prosperous startup lighting company. Meanwhile we have a beautiful 10 ac (small) tree farm on an island near Seattle that we care for. Life is good! Hope all y'all are well.

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