Over the bar at 6’11”: Sean Lee, Traduce Hills High School
He’s already 6’7”, which is competitive and then some with rival jumpers.


He has proven desire and has been jumping all his life. He’s a 4.7 GPA student which means any college or university in the country would be happy to have him on their track and field team, including Stanford, Cal, UCLA, USC, Arizona, Arizona State, San Diego State, Texas, etc. 

This young man has national class potential, maybe world, too. I’m rooting for him. 

At this point, he’s not a national top 10 jumper, but he has his senior year ahead of him. 

He went 7’ in 2016. 


Current national marks: 


Sean is ready now:.



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Correction: The great Reynaldo Brown of Compton HS, 3 time national prep high jump champion, attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, NOT UCLA as I stated. I must have been thinking of Kenny Booker.