Rhythm, Country & Blues, Featuring Many of the Finest Singers and Musicians.
Produced by Don Was.


Charlie Hale’s Bent Note Grill, on the outskirts of Fullerton, about 1965. [Park in rear]




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Remember the night Elvis came, and sang his whole set to a ’65 Lancelle?

The night The Who played and got in a brawl with the track and field team, it was awful, almost got the place closed. 

There was always a good turnout when Jimi Hendrix played. One night he went on with Janis. I remember it was raining .. 

Andy always liked to sit in with Santana and Ten Years After.

A lot of times bands would get real loose in The Melody Ann or Dal Rae, and Charlie would have to come down and get ‘em.  

Clapton always loved the sound of Charlie’s place. Man .. He wanted to record “Toad” there, but there were contractual hassles. 

Were you there when the Airplane and the Mothers of Invention got in a water balloon fight? Charlie made ‘em come back to play until they’d paid for the damage.