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Teacher Expressions
Let’s look back in affection at favorite expressions that our ‘60s SHHS teachers used.  Please add more.


Mr. Garner Barnett, Physical Education. Referred to the hurdles as "get over that baby”. The long jump board was also that “baby".

Mr. Tom Bell, Math. “Now we’re cookin' with gas!"

Mr. Jim Crippen, US History, Civics. “Don’t throw sand!”


Mr. Ray Lawson, Physical Education. “Gennamon!”, meaning “Gentlemen!” 


Mr. Eugene Martin, Physical Education. “Cmoncmoncmoncmon!” in a mild moaning, plaintive tone. As in, “Cmoncmoncmoncmon, Dehn! Gitupontha BOARDS!”


Mr. Bob Miller, Biology. “Like going out to pick hickory nuts!” (Midwestern expression meaning very easy.)


Mr. Frances Obler, English and Drama. “Please!” in a tone of painful injury and indignation at something a student had said or done. 


Mr. Wayne Payne, Physical Education. Coach Payne enjoyed using the adjective “mangy” in a comical way to address his wrestlers. 


Mrs. Maxine Randolph, English. “Really and truly.”


Mr. James Reeder, Math. Not so much what he said, but his humorous custom of naming his tests for movies, and writing the title, director, cast and actors on the western blackboard of his classroom. Often a name would be “The Return of [Something]”. 


Mrs. Gladys Root, French, Spanish, Latin. (1) “You may chat amongst  yourselves. Chat!”; (2) “‘Felix’ was a happy cat!” 


Coach Richard Skain, Physical Education. “For Pete’s sake!” in a wounded tone, as it you’d seriously disappointed him.  


Dr. Gordon Sproul, Chemistry. “Tre-MEN-jous!” as in “Tre-MEN-jous explosion!”


Mr. Gordon Traylor, Math. Many charming, folksy Midwestern expressions, including “But what’s 2.0 among friends?” as a cheerfully sarcastic reaction to a student answer that was off by one or more decimal points.


Mr. Ray  Vaughn, Choral Music.  Mr. Vaughn would say, or yell, “People!” in several levels of intensity. His People! could mean, Pay attention here! or in exasperation, “Stop goofing off and talking!"

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Rod Handsfield on February 28, 2018 at 8:11 PM said:

Track and Cross Country Coach Bill Lingenfelder: "Here again, in the main".
Anonymous on February 5, 2018 at 5:57 PM said:

Carl Ames, Econ: "The purpose of testing is to reward the diligent and expose the ignorrant"

Walter Bayler, physics: "Black as the inside of a cow."

Gordon McCall to Wally del Vecchio who had climbed up the wooden wall bars in the gym: "Hey Wally, come down and we'll give you a banana."

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