Top 100 OC People
Chosen by the Orange County Register. December 22, 2017


My own Top 100 would begin with Cynthia Byerrum, Carolyn Specht, Nancy Specht, Joanne Mongeon, Barb Smith-Whitfield, Candy Moore, Carla Moore, Patti Powers, Terry Messick, Allison Privett, Sandy Lehmer Raczka, Dorothy Eggerts, Kathy O’Toole, Kathy Muck, Linda Flock, Carolyn Merritt, and Lynn Smith tied for first; and Ken Slezak, Greg Fall, Richard Kaufman, Wayne Redfearn, Tony Barr, Charlie Hale, Dave Murphy, David Rechnitzer, Roger Naff, Rick Raczka, Dan Kavanagh, John Robson, Dennis Turner, Chuck Bailey, Martin Roberts, Dennis Miller, Tim Twombly, John Fulmer, Wayne Fulmer, Terry Hackett, Vinny Tulumello, John Pfingsgraff, Steve Riddle, Glen Bianchi and others Lancer tied for second, and you can see how this is going .. 

See them all.
See him celebrate.


And while we’re all here, JT Daniels the Mater Dei quarterback has been named the Gatorade National High School Player of the Year.