Lancers, old friends and acquaintances, classmates, neighbors,
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Many of us have come to know that all human beings are basically good. The links below are about that.


Yes, it’s true that sometimes something goes wrong with some people. Yes, some of them may need to be arrested, maybe tried, maybe sent to prison. Nevertheless, our responsibility is to forgive them, and if we have reluctance, to overcome it. 

Our National Anthem
Acceptance and Forgiveness
A family sits down together for dinner
Fabulous to remember, to see as part of who we are

This old lady embraces life, as she did

in her early 20s, and at age 101.

She’s inspiring. 

Elderly people are a blessing

I’ve chosen these old folks because

they’re close to our grandparents,

great grandparents and

great-great grandparents. 

My favorite video