Why the suicides, Lancers? I don’t think anyone ever knows exactly why another takes his or her life.
An important thing to remember is that almost all people who attempt suicide and fail say afterwards they want to live. Their attempt was a mistake.

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Loved ones, spouses, closest friends and experts can give reasons, and they can be accurate enough, but I don't think anyone ever really knows exactly what darkness and pain someone who attempts suicide has in his or her part. 

The only other thing I’d like to say is that many people and friends of ours have expressed anger that others would commit suicide. They’ve called it the most selfish decision of all, and sometimes they stop admiring, respecting or even loving the suicide victim. 

Maybe the feeling is justifiable sometimes. I have no idea. But it’s wrong to think that way, and always wrong, and unkind. Again, we do not know the depth of human misery and darkness that leads someone to this tragic act.

It’s infinitely better for all of us if we pray for them, remember them with kindness and compassion, and if we believe we need to, with forgiveness, too. 

Thank you. Paul.