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100 Years Ago
Let’s go out to Beverly Hills for an auto race!

This is close to the famous The Palms

restaurant.  See the videos below 



Jack Prince and Art Pillsbury built the

Beverly Hills Speedway in 1919 on

275 acres of land, at a cost of $500,000.

The 1.25-mile wood oval, which featured

45-degree banked turns, was funded by

a group of actors and others in the

industry known as the Beverly Hills

Speedway Syndicate. The track was

inaugurated on February 28, 1920,

but after only four years the

70,000-seat stadium was disassembled

to make room for other improvements

in the newly incorporated city of Beverly

Hills, holding its last race on February 24,

1924 before a crowd of 85,000.

The track was moved to Culver City, 

Many towns in Southern California had their 

own auto speedways then, including many

with wooden tracks, They were called 

“toothpick tracks.” 

How much would 275 acres of Beverly

Hills be worth now, even south of Wilshire?


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