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100 Places We'd Go
A few places including Ranchtown, Hillside and Jimmy Smith's go without saying. Name in CAPS means the place is no longer there. Please don't copy anything in the SPOON to Facebook.


1. A&W ROOT BEAR STAND, on Imperial & Puente
2. ALLIGATOR RANCH, across from Knott’s
3. AMERICAN MOTORS DEALERSHIP, one block south of Valencia on Nicholas/Euclid.
4. ANAHEIM DRIVE-IN, South Raymond, Anaheim
5. ARNOLD’S FARM HOUSE on Santa Ana Freeway, Buena Park
6. BAKER’S DRUG a couple doors from Giovanni’s on Williamson Way.
7. BASKIN ROBBINS 31 FLAVORS by Buster Brown’s Shoes

9A. BROTHER' CORRAL, South Spadra/Harbor
10. BUSTER BROWN’S SHOES, on Commonwealth by St. Mary’s Church.
11. DAL RAE, on North Harbor
12. El Cholo on Whittier Boulevard, La Habra
13. ELEGANT ELEPHANT, across Nutwood from Cal State Fullerton
14. FORD SCHOOL PLAYING FIELD, North Richman & Wilshire.
15. FOUNTAIN at Hillcrest Park
16. FRANK’S BIKE SHOP, on Commonwealth near McCoy & Mills.
19. HASSAN’S FLORIST, across from St. Mary’s on Commonwealth.
20. HILLTOP MARKET, on North Carhart.
21. J.C. PENNEY, Orangethorpe, east side of Harbor.
23. JUDY LYNN BAKERY, on Commonwealth, closed recently.
24. KLIMPEL CHRYSLER, at least 2 locations, for several auto makes, South Harbor near Orangethorpe and also next to Fox Fullerton
26. Lion’s Drag Strip, Irwindale
27. EASTON’S BROWN MUG, Fullerton
29. MARKET BASKET, southeast corner of Nicholas/Euclid & Commonwealth.
30. MARTONE’S ICE CREAM SHOPPE, Bastanchury & Harbor.
31. MCDONALD’S on Nicholas, 200 feet north of Orangethorpe
32. MELODY INN, on Spadra near Harbor
33. NICK’S LIQUOR STORE, Euclid & Orangethorpe
34. NU-PIKE at Long Beach
35. PACIFIC OCEAN PARK, Ocean Park (lower end of Santa Monica, CA)
36. PINWINNIE’S IRON FOUNDRY, live music, booze and food, East Chapman just past State College Boulevard.
38. SCHUTH BUICK, West Commonwealth near North Basque
39. SEARS-ROEBUCK, short block west of Harbor on Commonwealth.
40. SNACK SHOP, southwest corner of Nicolas/Euclid & Commonwealth, where Patti Powers, ’65 was once a waitress.
41. SODA FOUNTAIN at southwest corner of Lemon & Chapman.
42. T G & Y, on North Harbor.
43. THE BOOK GALLERY, on East Chapman near St. Andrews Episcopal Church.
44. THE MILL, on West Commonwealth in Fullerton
45. THE PALMS, on East Orangethorpe in Fullerton
46. THE ZOO DRIVE-IN, corner of MacArthur & PCH, Newport Beach
47. TINY RECORD SHOP, no one can remember its name, west side of Brookhurst & Orangethorpe.
48. Titan Theater, still there as part of Christian college, not open to public.
49. WAGON WHEEL BAR AND GRILL, on Nicholas/Euclid between Fullerton and Anaheim.
50. WILSHIRE THEATER, Wilshire & Malden
51. THE BEAN HUT, Anaheim.
52. The Union 76 oil fields, Brea, for drinking beer and necking.
54. THE SAFEWAY MARKET, Commonwealth & Richman. Building is still there but market departed many decades ago.
55. TODDLER’S CLOTHING STORE, Chapman across from JC, just east of Wilshire School.
57. COIN SHOP on Harbor, just south of Chapman, east side of street.
58. DUCK POND at Hillcrest Park.
59. DENTIST’S OFFICE, BUSTER O. BRUCE, D.D.S. Richman & Commonwealth.
59. PRATHER’S BARBER SHOP, adjoining Nick’s Liquor on Orangethorpe at Euclid.
60. KEN AND HARRY SCHECHTER’S DAD’S PLASTIC FLAG STORE, South Harbor just above Orangethorpe. (Remember when ever auto dealership flew those plastic flags on long lines?)
61. LA CHIQUITA MEXICAN RESTAURANT, Valencia on the east side of Harbor.
62. MOTORCYCLE HILL CLIMB, on what later became Rosecrans, then a dirt road west from North Euclid.
63. THE TURNTABLE Record Store, Union & Harbor, west side of Harbor.
64. SELECTIVE SERVICE REGISTRATION CENTER, 17th Street in Santa Ana, just east of Santa Ana Freeway.
65. GUARANTY CHEVROLET, 17th Street in the eastern shadow of Santa Ana Freeway.
66. BOB’S BIG BOY RESTAURANT, Whittier Boulevard.
67. DRIVING RANGE, Harbor Boulevard near Imperial.
69. J.W. ROBINSON’S, best store at Broadway Shopping Center.
70. MARQUEES OR DISPLAY PLATFORMS WITH ALL THE CLUB, CHARITY AND ORGANIZATION EMBLEMS OF FULLERTON MOUNTED ON IT. (You know, Lions, Elks, Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, and more, placed at major streets entering town.) (Do we still have any of those?)
71. MARKET on North Basque at Commonwealth, probably robbed blind every day by local juvenile delinquents.
72. Freek’s Garage, Highland & Truslow. Happy to say it’s still there and going strong, afer owner and operator Dan Barron, SHHS ’67 sold it and retired several year ago. 
73. BARBER SHOP across from Fox Fullerton.
74. RAY’S PETS, by Giovanni’s on Williamson Way. Frank was a former policeman and a nice man.
75. HOT ROD ACCESSORIES SHOP, southwest corner, Harbor & Commonwealth.
76. OSTRICH FARM about where Acacia School is, near FJC. (For all Old Timers who may be reading. Welcome! How about that President Teddy Roosevelt, eh?)
77. Boege and Bean Sporting Goods on Commonwealth
78. Mooney Andrews on Spadra (Harbor), near Railroad bridge entering Fullerton
79. Fox for double features
80. Carter Bowl
81. Laguna Lake riding bikes and fishing
82. Golden Hill School for over-the-line or home run derby
83. Thrall Motors -MGs on Commonwealth
84. 31 Flavors Richmond and Commonwealth
85. Wilkinson Drugs and Grill on Commonwealth & Harbor
86. Orangethorpe Mall-Kroger's lunch counter
87. Jimmy Smith's back yard for Christmas Tree Bon Fire - I'm sure Bill Brehm will remember that!
[NOTE: Thank you to Dr. Bob Kazebee, '66 for #77-#87. - ED]
88. Climb onto the roofs of all local elementary and junior high schools (possible exception: Ladera Vista) and enjoy feeling like Top Ten Most Wanted criminals.
89. Any public but quiet plot of lawn during or after a rainstorm to ride our homemade skimboards over the sopping grass. (In front of Nicolas School was a good spot, and probably at Golden Hill or Fern Drive School, too.)
90. The gentle sloped lawns of Hillcrest Park or the more daring slopes from Golden Hill down to Spadra/Harbor for cardboard-box side-sledding -- girls as well as boys.
91. Around junior high school age, 10-speed bike coasting from the highest point of Spadra/Harbor -- or more satisfying, of Nicholas/Euclid -- down at what we imagined must be 250 MPH to whenever we had to stop. Oddly, no injuries or collisions ever.
92. Fullerton boys obtaining the cheap do-it-yourself kites for about $1 each in a drugstore or market .. plus 3 or 4 spools of cheap kite string .. assembling the kite easy as pie .. rummaging through Mom's rag drawer for strips of kite-tail .. attaching them on your kite .. going to a convenient public school near your home -- or a street near it .. and launching your kite into the wind .. gradually letting it out 300 yards or so .. skilfully attaching another spool of kite-string .. releasing that spool, too .. repeating with more string until your kite is a tiny, tiny blue or red or green or black or purple diamond dancing in the sky .. standing silent in GREAT satisfaction, watching it hop around at what you imagine is a mile away, maybe 2,000 feet up .. which is of course far less .. accepting compliments of other boys .. possibly letting good friends hold your kite for a few seconds .. keeping on the lookout for other kites straying into your Kite Lane .. and enjoying the Unique Kite Bliss .. seldom lasted more than 20 minutes for a kite .. sooner or later they almost all lost it and fluttered down -- you hoped to pull them in before they touched the ground .. alas! often you could not .. that was time to say, "Let's go." .. You'd try again the next day ..

93. TACO VILLA on Harbor across from the Orangefair Mall. 

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John Robson, '67 on March 2, 2014 at 11:27 PM said:

Here's a couple we did...

Wilshire Theater on Wilshire west of Harbor
Carl's Jr on Euclid above Commonwealth Dick Prosser worked there.
HoJo's on Harbor at Bastanchury
Model Market, Jimmy Smith's and The Barn at Sunny Crest and Val Mesa
Union 76 Little League Field...in those days it was way up Brea Blvd
The Carnival in Amerige Park in June
Fullerton Bowl on Commonwealth west of Spadra
A&W on O'thorpe tween Lemon and Spadra
Climbing onto the roof at FHS getting into the bleachers overlooking the pool and jumping into the pool.
Andy Wendland, '67 on June 16, 2013 at 3:34 PM said:

What no mention of taco villa on harbor accross from the orangefair mall.My mouth still waters thinking of these delectable morsels.
Beth (Parr) Powers on May 12, 2013 at 9:27 AM said:

I remember spending many hours at Ray's Pet Shop, which was on Williamson I think.
Rita Jensen 68' on May 12, 2013 at 7:00 AM said:

Carl's Sr. Cruising Harbor Blvd.
Bob Kazebee, '66 on November 17, 2009 at 8:22 PM said:

Boege and Bean Sporting Goods on Commonwealth
Mooney Andrews on Spadra (Harbor)near Railroad bridge entering Fullerton
Fox for double features
Carter Bowl
Laguna Lake riding bikes and fishing
Golden Hill School for over-the-line or home run derby
Thrall Motors -MGs on Commonwealth
31 flavors Richmond and Commonwealth
Wilkinson Drugs and Grill on Commonwealth & Harbor
Orangethorpe Mall-Kroger's lunch counter
Jimmy Smith's back yard for Christmas Tree Bon Fire - I'm sure Bill Brehm will remember that!
Richard Graves 62 on November 16, 2009 at 6:49 AM said:

Easton's Brown Mug on Whiting and Harbor

Turntable Record Store on Union and Harbor
JACK CARLE 62 on November 16, 2009 at 5:32 AM said:


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