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1961: Tennis and Music
Sunny Hills High School Tennis, 1961 and the Continentals, 1960 and Now


July 25, 2020. Please don’t copy or share this link, folks. The song you hear is “High Voltage”, recorded by the Continentals in about 1962, recording as The Delanceys. 

David Shaffer, ’63 remembers (when he sees a recent picture of Larry Loeck, ’64):

Larry, looking good. In 1961 or 62 Larry invited me to audition on sax with his R&R band “The Continentals.” All was going great until they played “The Wanderer” by Dion. We got to the sax solo and I couldn’t flutter tongue. Listen to the song and you’ll know what I mean. I was really disappointed because they had a great band and I didn’t fit their need.  

Larry was also a fine tennis player on our ‘62 CIF #2 ranked team. He was #5 on our team with his brother Larry #3.  

Well, I’ve never forgotten about that audition and in college I finally learned how to get that “dirty sax” sound and used it in my band at the U of Redlands. We auditioned at Disneyland and made it through to the third round playing in the Golden Horseshoe but that’s as far as we got.  

In fact, last year, 2019, I played “The Wanderer” at a dance job. Funny how things come around.


Jim Bucheister, '64 is standing at a pool table, 

Allen Crutcher, ’64 plays this guitar as his dog Lana licks his face, 

Tommy Jewett, ’67 at upper right is with Greg Lorton, ’64 at a recent 

64 reunion, 

Larry Loeck, ’64 smiles with his wife. 

Tim Twombly, ’64 in a white shirt. 

David Sahaffer, ’63 in a field with his dog, 

Jim Hobson, ’64 in a business suit and tie. 

Howard Emerson. 

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Steven Lowe on July 25, 2020 at 8:12 PM said:

Steve Hall AND all of his brothers and sisters RULED the Greater Fullerton tennis courts. They were nearly their own legend.

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