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1967 Senior Seminar
Some of the best friends I’ve ever had, and some of the finest people. Mrs. Maxine Randolph was our teacher.



Steve Balgrosky, economist


Julie Bomke, corporate attorney, senior VP, major satellite corporation


Cathy (Cat) Cogan, medical imaging supervisor


Janet Gann, high school English teacher, advertising company executive (deceased)


Fred Dozier, not known


Marilyn DuHamel, psychotherapist, teacher


Jackie Ehrlich, not known


Sandy Faulkner, not known


Arlene Fisher, technology executive


Linda Hammond, university writing instructor


Ron Jackson, professional musician, computer consultant  (deceased)


Pete Klotz, non-violence teacher, activist


Randy McDonald, attorney


Cliff Megerle, Boeing scientist, inventor


Jacqueline Nelson, middle school principal


Ann Ray, elementary teacher; married Bill Shockley  (deceased)


Ryden Richardson, international trade and customs executive


Paul Saevig, speech pathologist, writer


Steve Shepard, attorney


Bill Shockley, writer; computer games designer; musical composer


Karin Lynn Smith, not known


Karen Teson, not known


Mary Beth Thompson, magazine sales director, watercolor artist


Ludd Trozpek, engineer, married Robin


Lana Ventriglia, United States diplomat


Robin Weeks, private college financial executive


Gail Wilson, risk management executive


Cecily Wooters, not known


As far as I know, these classmates live in 4 U.S. states.


May 21, 2022


Partial list of college attended:


California State Univesity, Fullerton

Claremont Mens College (CA)

Duke Law School (N.C.)

Georgetown University (D.C.)

Harvey Mudd College (CA)

Kalamazoo College (MI)

Northwestern University (IL)

Oberlin College (Ohio)

Pomona College (CA)

Scripps College (CA)

Smith College (MA)

Southern Methodist University (TX)


Stanford University

Arizona State University 

University of California (every campus)

University of Kansas, Lawrence


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