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Janss Steps to be renamed
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Unique USC student
New Sunny Hills home, $20K
Fill up your tank in. 1948.
An American Civil War surgeon's kit
'60s SHHS Siblings
FINE ART: Undine Rising From The Waters
Out of sight SHHS reading levels
Burros displaced, Inland Empire
Gary Tavan, 1939-2011
Eat at the Don Paul's Rams Horn?
Mr. Don Paul, 1925-2013
Affirmation During Pandemic: 1960s S.H.H.S.
1969 Basketball, SHHS
Poll: Where do you live?
Documentary: USC Football 1888-1959
Ronald Spurlock, '69, 1951-2013
Malden Station Apartments
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January 6, 2021
Mr. William M. Dehn, 1922-2001
Mrs..Ruth Rodecker, 1911-2001
The boundless beauty of life and people
ATTN: '60s Lancer water polo people
At FJC in 1960
Mr. Roy Bronsing, Jr, 1923-1988
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"Late For The Sky",121920
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Mrs. Lois Leggat, 1921-2013
Jim Lyon, 1943-2012, Rod Riders Racing Team
Art Collection in Madrid
New photos of Mr, Harold Vanderwall, 1925-2011
Mr. Ivor Salmon, 1878-1942
Mrs. Dorothy Marten, 1919-2015
LAPD K9 Actual Footage
Carla and Candice Moore, Christmas 1952
Mrs. Margaret Apgar, 1919-2017
Mr. & Mrs, Stalick, RIP
Mr. Edward Sproul, 1912-2002
Greg Copeland, '67 Interview, 2020
Dorothy Goodbaudy, 1943-2020
George Harris, 1942-2020
Science Solves Cathay Airline Airbus Mystery
Mr. Joe Mudrick,1925-2003
Southern California Videos, 1960s
Muck Sculpture Garden
Ann Reinking, 1949-2020
Reaching Hunt Library
May I have your email, please?
New Paul McCartney album
Sara Udall Henderson, 1954-2016
Watch SHHS freshman Jane Craig dance
A Local Fullerton Charity We All Ought To Support
Controversial Terms
Mrs. Madeline Haines,1926-2020
A Poll Too Far
Steve Noonan, KPFK-FM, Pasadena, CA Folkscene 1976
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Songs by Mai Leisz
Dave Andersen, '67, "Day Tripper"
At SHHS, It's Funny How Time Slips Away
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Patrick Conover: Retiring to Montana?
Cathy Cogan, '67 - 2020
Bicyclist killed near SHHS, Monday, Nov 23, 2020
Famous People in Fullerton
New photo of Steve Burrin, ‘62
What’s your favorite Mexican restaurant?
Gary Williams, ’69, 1951-2020
Kathy Powell Smith, ‘67
Stephanie Gayron and Becky Sessions, ‘66
Principal Doc Marty
Mr. James C. Reeder, 1930-2020, Math Teacher
Mr. Wesley Hunt, 1932-2010
Linda Ronstadt, RandyMeisner & the Eagles
Our ‘60s SHHS Teachers
Mr. and Mrs. Aurelio, RIP
Who taught you to drive and where?
Hillcrest Park, first in 1940, then in 2020
‘60s Lancer College Athletes
Interview: Wisdom, Family
Mr. Vaughan’s obituary
Who was on that team?
Professional Ballet with Julie Kent
“Our” Helen of Troy
From Joni Mitchell
Regg Reside, ’66. OUR PHOTOS, THEN AND NOW
New Rules at SHHS for 2020-2021 school year
Mrs. Helen Staffieri, 1913-2000
1994 article about SHHS
2020 Version of Sunny Hills
55 years ago
Jane Bellinger, 1943-2020
Debbie Dygert, ‘68
Extreme Nostalgia
Mrs. Elna Johanson, 1918-2005
“The Office (SHHS)"
Mrs. Betty Schmidt, RIP
Mr. Lloyd Bevington, 1938-2000
Bettina Wiesenthal, ‘65
Mr. Bob Endresen, 1925-2006
What Is Good Teaching?
The western fires
Dr. Rod Handsfield, MD, ’67OUR PHOTOS,THEN AND NOW
Chuck Dell’Ario, ’65 Finalist
Mrs. Lola Jolly, 1930-2020
Archive: Steve B & DIS
ATHLETES ONLY: Best SHHS coach of the 1960s?
1960s Lancer Car Directory, 1960s
Vern Fotheringham's car career
Your cars at Sunny Hills?
‘60s SHHS Car Culture
Richard Reed, ‘70
A good friend of many
Jamie Reynolds, ’64 in 2010
Cheryl Belonzi, ’64, RIP
A 1950s Tale
Greg Copeland’s (’64) NEW ALBUM, “Tango Bar"
Derecho Storm, Iowa
“Broadway: Golden Age"
A Cardboard Role Returns
Do you know the way to .. ?
18 private schools in OC to reopen
What are you doing to deal with the outbreak?
Ha ha! Warm your heart!
Why are the Dutch so tall?
They don't talk
Poll: Believe in God?
Tiny Stories
Honoring US Marines
Justin Lindsey, 1971-2003
Lancers who were in the Peace Cirps
Gary Thomas, ’65 1947-1995
Wayne Morgenthaler, ’67
‘60s Lancer Pilots
Doug Schultz ’65 1947-1999
Keith Stevens, ’65 1947-2008
Cheryl Stubblefield, ’65 1947-2011
Mike West, ’65 1947-2013
1964-1965: An Enduring SHHS Year
David Mitchell, ’65 1947-1997
Steve Fitzgerald, ’65 1947-2006
Jack Sykes,’65 1947-1985
Ken Fuller, ’64, 1946-2020
Donna Rader ’65 1947-1991
Lloyd E. Carmichael, 1946-2004
Patricia Kenworthy, ’65, 1947-1996
William Berry, ’65 1947-1976
Ron Shumaker, ’65. 1947-2010
Dennis Rowe, ’65, 1947-2009
Mike Malone, ’65, 1947-2003
Bill Graft, ’65 1947-1987
A Quieter Time
Dr. Robert Argue, MD, 1934-2020
‘60s Lancer Lists
POLL:How many of the homes on Valencia Mesa today
Who traveled on this bridge?
Yes, it takes all kinds,
Do you remember this song? 2
A record was set Sunday
Mrs. Helen Damschen, 1922-2016
Poll: Do you like marshmallows?
Remember this song?
CLASSICAL MUSIC: Francis Poulenc
Lancers meet friends wherever we go
Poll: How many kids would you have had under ideal
Poll: Do you like sweet pickles?
About Jackson, from an unusual source
“These Days” by Jackson Browne
“The Los Angeles Fallacy"
Mrs. Martha Mudrick, 1921-2008
Favorite place you lived?
The Great Wall, but ,,
RIGHTEOUS CONCERT 1979 Jacksom, Linda, Bonnie,etc
Dr. James I. Honda, MD, 1934-2020
A new appointment at Sunny Hills High School
REMEMBER: 25 Things You Can't See Any More In ..
FOCUS: Scout Forsythe
Mrs. Jean Crum, 1934-2020
Mr. Robert S. Walters, 1926-2008
Lancer Music Dates
Songs We Like
Randy Byrnes ‘66 sings
Don Martin’s leadoff home run
Mrs. Dorothy Dickinson, 1915-2005
Mary Dickinson Landa, 1943-2013
Dennis Pollard, ’62, 1945-2020
1961: Tennis and Music
The Leopards
Let's try a classic
SHHS 2020 Virtual Graduation
Policy on Anonymous Messages To The SPOON
Mrs. Sallie Hall, RIP
Craig Follett, ’62, 1944-2020
Mrs. Myra Walery, 1929-2007
Mr. Albert Walery, 1928-1994
Added photo of Mrs. Wagen
RETRACTION: July 9, 2020
Mr. and Mrs. Peritore
Ruth Smith Harrison, ’62, 1944-2020
Brian McKinney, ’76 1958-2020
Early years of tennis at SunnyHills
Name 1 Dumb Thing You Did In High School
I'm looking for a doctor who has no face
DANCE: Did you know?
Carla and Steve, with Brad and Sue
POLL: What concert?
Mary Mary, Quite Contrary
NEW FICTION: "Enough's Enough At Hank’s Steak Hous
Recent Fullerton Music
Poll: Did you marry the right person?
The world in which we live in
Dugway, Utah
Steve Peterson, ’62, OUR PHOTOS, THEN AND NOW
Raymond Sanchez, ’65 1947-2004
Mark or Mike Gaggia?
06-06-66 ’66 Senior Ditch Day
Mr. John.B. Ferzacca, 1940-2020
Randy W. Ayers, ’67, 1949-2020
Fox Fullerton talks
Mr. Homer E. Neptune, 1918 - 2014
Mr. and Mrs. Fiorini, RIP
Robert Burchit, 1941-2019
Essays and Other Features
Sergeant Brian Bull, USMC
General William Lyon, 1923-2020
Classmates Sought
Steve Sherman, ‘67
What bands played at SHHS in the 1960s? And later?
Dolphin stampede off Laguna Beach
Brownie Polley, ’62 1944-2018
Earliest you were here?
Mr. David L, Williams, 1922-2020
1899 Fullerton
Hauling citrus fruit, 1910
Marge Wallace Vickrey, ’62 OUR PHOTOS, THEN AND N
Bill Reinsch, ’65, 1947-2020
Mr. Peter S. Carhart Sr. 1931-1994.
Robin Ziemer, ’84, 1966-2019
Mr. Kurt Topik, 1921-2018
Update from St. Jude
Mr. Walter H. Walters 1926-1994
Mr. Burton C. Herbst, 1905-1994
Mr. Carl H. Swenson, 1917-1996
Nancy Nissen, ’65 in 2020
Read Dr. Mackey’s book?
History by Peggy Muckenthaler Albert, ’62
Mr. William R. Jolly, 1924-2000
Tribute: Ron Jackson, ’67, 1950-2007
Early Sunny Hills band
The Erickson Family
Mark Erickson, 1946-2019 plus Erickson family vide
James R. Duncan, ’72, 1954 - 2017
Ever have a crummy job?
2 more from Jackson
2 new songs by Jackson
Teresa Macias, ‘67
The Schoettle Family
A Concert For A Rainy Orange Grove
LANCER PHOTOS, Remodeled and Alphabetized
Zacharias family
Bob Dylans new song
Mrs. Betty Packard, 1922-2010
Mr. Ed Morgan, RIP
Songs we like, Send some of yours,
Mrs. Patricia Psrshall and her family
Mrs. Pat Parshall and her family