Hall of Famer Pepper Martin, known as The Wild Horse of the Osage
Mr, Robert McNamara played for Pepper on the San Diego Padres, 1944-1945
Every ‘60s Lancer veteran is welcome here. Please send your photo, unit and description to 72849Paul@gmail.com.


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‘60s Lancer Vietnam Veterans


Achay Luke ’67. U.S.A. 

Allan, Skip ’65. U.S.N.

Ashman John, ’67. U.S.A.

Bailey Chuck, ’64. U.S.A.F.

Batchman, Steve, ‘64

Boag, Larry ’67. U.S.N.

Bone Gary ’65. U.S.A.F.

Bowden, Gary, ’65. U.S.A. 

Brehm, Larry ’64. U.S.N.

Britten, Rick, ‘64

Carle, Jack ’62. U.S.A.

Carlisle, John, ’65. U.S.A.

Conover, Patrick, ’67. U.S.A.

Day, Kim, ’68. U.S.M.C.

Dell Ario, Charles ’65. U.S.A.

Flanders, Bob, ‘65

Frabisilio Bob, ’66. U.S.A.

Fuller, Stan, ’65. U.S.A. (KIA)

Haymond, Chris ’66. U.S.A.

Hernandez Roland, ’66. U.S.A.

Hughes, Bill, ’65. U.S.N.

Leonard,  Cleve, ‘66

Lorton, Greg, ’64. U.S.A.

Mitchell, Henry ’66. U.S.A.F.

Nix, Jeff, ‘67

Pelletier John Jay (Frenchy). ’65. U.S.A.

Perrone, Peter, ‘64

Pittman, Bill ’67. U.S.N.

Pizzuto Frank ’67. U.S.N.

Rundell Ron. ’67. U.S.A.  or U.S.M.C.

Shepard, Patrick, ‘66

Shepard, Paul ’64. U.S.M.C.

Shepard, Steve, ‘67

Starr, Wayne, ‘64

Sundey, Jim, ’66 (Cam Ranh Bay)

Underwood, David, ’67. U.S.M.C.

Wagner, Jim ’66. U.S.M.C.

Wood, Alan ’67. U.S.M.C.