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‘60s SHHS Quiz #2
In 2005, I created a detailed SHHS Quiz with 125 questions, and a ’65 friend sneered at it. We had to fight a duel at dawn on the bluffs above Little Corona Del Mar Beach. I’m still here.


If you want to participate:



Answer every question and use a sheet of paper to record your answers. You may submit your answers to me if you wish. The correct answers will be published in one week, 


1. Which teacher was not a football coach?


  1. Richard Skain
  2. Duane Sproul --- NOT A FOOTBALL COACH


2. Which direction was the cafeteria from the  Quad?


  1. East of the quad ---- EAST OF THE QUAD
  2. North of the quad


3. Could you legally leave the campus for lunch?


  1. Yes


4. What was a plant that grew around the front edges of campus? 


  1.   Bougainvillea

   B.  Cypress ---- THIS ONE,


5. Julie Ritner Simpson taught: 


A. English  --- THIS ONE.

B. Spanish


6. What did mischievous students often set on fire?


  1. School library


7. What was the student parking lot next to?


  1. Auto shop
  2. Baseball field  --- VARSITY BASEBALL DIAMOND,


8. Lance Bullwinkle was?


  1. A ’65 varsity swimmer
  2. School mascot cartoon character --- CORRECT


9. Could students wear shorts to school ever day?


  1. Yes
  2. No


10. An extremely popular student who spent most of his or her time with other extremely popular students was called what?


  1. A soshe 

B.  A squirrel


11. Mrs. Margo Stuart was?


  1. An attractive women from Germany who taught German. 
  2. An attractive woman from Ireland who taught math. 


12. Who delivered the Morning Message to all students? 


  1. The Attendance Clerk
  2. The Principal


13. What foreign language was not offered for study?


A. Latin

B. Mandarin Chinese


14. By what age could a student drop out of school?


  1. Sophomore year
  2. Junior year


15. What event did we have every year for fun?


  1. Car Show/Bermuda Shorts Day
  2. Bikini Day


16. Which teachers almost always taught Driver’s Education?


  1. Home economics teachers
  2. Coaches


17. Did the girls have athletic teams that pleayed against other local schools in a league? 


  1. No
  2. Yes


18. Where was calculus taught to qualified Lancer students?


  1. Fullerton Junior College
  2. Fullerton Public Library


19. What did Mr. Ray Vaughan teach?


  1. Instrumental and choral music
  2. Only choral music


20. How many lunch periods were there each school day? 


  1. 1
  2. 2


21. About how many students were in an average class?


  1. 35 to 40
  2. 15 to 20


22.  What nickname did some students call Dean Robertson behind his back? 


  1. Uncle Miltie
  2. Zorro


23. How long did girl’s skirts and dresses have to be?


A. They had to reach the middle of a girl’s thigh. 

B. They had to reach a girl’s knee. 


24. What item most often fell out of student’s lockers?


  1. A pack of cigarettes.
  2. One or more books. 


25. The Sunny Hills High School alma mater (song) was based on the alma mater of what college?


  1. UCLA
  2. USC