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'60s Sunny Hills  Doctors
Physicians and surgeons who had offices in Sunny Hills, were on staff at St. Jude, lived in Sunny Hills and had '60s Lancer children in the 1960s, usually. Not downtown or West Fullerton doctors.

Dr, Donald Bauman, MD
Dr. Richard C. Bishop, MD
Dr. Lloyd Carnahan MD
Dr. Ed Chapin, MD
Dr. W. Brooks Griffith, MD
Dr. Fred Kay, MD
Dr. Gus Kunelis, MD
Dr. Waynard Lowe, MD
Dr. Fred Minter, MD
Dr. Lawrence J. Mongeon, MD
Dr. Paul Ovando, MD
Dr. Emmet (Red) Pettis, MD
Dr. James Ryel, MD
Dr. Douglas Spencer, MD
Dr, William Wickett, MD
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Dr. Clopton

Dr. Larsen, OB/GYN

Dr. Homme, dermatologist
Dr. John Smith, urologic surgeon
Dr. David O. Brown, psychiatrist
Dr. George V. Kent, psychiatrist