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'64 reunion October 2009
This reunion was held at the old Masonic lodge on Harbor, across from the Fox Fullerton. Sorry, this is the largest photo we have.

Lolly (Beaman) Summerwill says:

guy on ft row in Blue shirt,,Roy Webb
Susan Luther
Don Martin and Larry Brehm (reclining)
Jim Bucheister in maroon shirt
Sue Gorrindo
Wendy Wagner
John Miles

Next row. Behind Susan Luther
Bonnie Hance
Holly Tisdel
Ellen McDonald
Elaine Breeest in royal blue top
woman sitting
Yolette Vasquez
Unknown woman
Anne Montaque
Sherry Ambridge
Bonnie Firth
Mary Wiechec
Ginny Klein
Babs Burton
Anne Hill
Sally Krueger
Patti Chapman
Unknown Woman
Kathy O'Toole
Patty Hanson Hurst
Barbara Nicoll

next row
Greg Copeland
Wayne Foss
Barbara Simon
Ilona Clemins
Lora Beaman
Whitey Wilcox
Tommy Jewett
Steve Godett
Pete Perrone (with beard)
Unknown man
Rosemary Ward
Bob Polentz
Paul Shepard
Barb Paisley
Sandy Prout
Kathy Daley
Geri Sotomayer
Chris Hunter

Next row
Behind Barb Simon is Nancy Specht
Unknown person behind Ilona Clemens
Terry Young
Mickey Patton
Barry Paulk
(Then I get confused about who all the men are until I get to the man just to the right of Pete Perrone)
Roger Naff
Two unidentified people and then Mike Kerr
and that is about all I can do with the picture...