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'67 Moments
November 23, 2021


1. I've always wondered who wrote these captions: one member of the Helios staff, or did they get together and think of them?

2. There are some candid gems here, and others are so obviously posed, they're kind of charming. (Would Kathy Stoddard say something like that? Never met her.) (What's Paul Nash showing Gail Salisbury a collection of? Baseball cards? Speeding tickets?)

3. The "Groovy groovy,  groovy! .." is my favorite.  Ha ha ha! (Mrs. Liz Ehinger White, did you write that one?)

4. I miss Mary Beth, damn it! &^%$#@!! (I bet you do, too.)

5. Cathy Cogan -- or Cat -- looks like a little 3rd grader! Ha ha!


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