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Lancers in the Peace Corps
Someone asked me what Lancers joined the Peace Corps.



Lew Oleson, ‘64

Betsy Burleigh, '65 definitely. 

Cindy Hall, '65.

Debby Kramer, ‘65. 

More later on these and other international subjects.  


On a related but different topic, I'd say Roger Naff, '64 and Vern Fotheringham, '66 are the top favorites in the Most Overseas Business Travel Division.

Yet George Needham, '67 is an airline pilot who flies to and from India.


Not in the Peace Corps but Marsha McClanahan '67 lived in a small village in Nepal as a medical worker for 11 years. Spoke their language, ate their food.

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Lewis Oleson, ‘64 on August 22, 2020 at 5:11 PM said:

I was a Peace Corps Volunteer on Wottagai Island, Woleai Atoll, Western Caroline Islands, Micronesia, during 1968-70. Thatch hut, loin cloth, outrigger canoe, lagoon and open ocean fishing, drinking faluba at the canoe house at night. Taught English as a Second Language in the island school. I was flown on a Navy seaplane to Guam in July, 1969, and had difficulty speaking English as I had been in isolation so long. I went from expecting to be an attorney to being an elementary school teacher and later a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I have worked with dying patients, homeless mentally ill in Skid Row, children and families is south-central Los Angeles, a group home in Northern California, and counseled students and staff at UC Davis. Masters in Social Work and another in Clinical Child Psychology. A life I did not expect when I was doing History Club, Model UN, and debating at SHHS (1964).


Thanks, Lew! I'm so glad to see you here on the SPOON! -- Paul Saevig, ‘67

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'60s SHHS Alumni who became doctors or dentists:

Robert W. Barrington, DDS, 1966.
Rick Barnes, DDS, '67
Chet Nelson, DDS, '67
Don Osberg, DDS, '67
Anne Privett Bosshardt, MD, '62, Internist
Betty (Elizabeth) Teasdale, MD, '67, Internist, Pediatrician

Rod Handsfied, ’67, Urologic Surgeon, Addictionologist
Lynn Mahony, '68, Pediatric Cardiologist
Bob Mongeon, '62, Internist, Orange, CA
Phillip Merritt, MD, '66, Orthopedic Surgeon
Rick Raczka, MD, '66, Orthopedic Surgeon
Jeff Reinking, MD, '63, Ameliorative Medicine
Jon Kronick, MD, '65, Pediatrician
Ulrich Schoettle, MD, '66, Child Psychiatrist
Tim Twombly, DC, '64
Tom Parkman, DDS, '63
Jim Du Hamel, DDS, '65
Richard Marks, MD, '68
Nick Yaru, MD '69, Orthopedic Surgeon

more to come


Nancy Gannon, '67

Jeff Nix, '67

Debbie Smith, ‘67

Laurel Swaim, ‘67

Debbie Smith Liss, ‘67

Eileen Nash Landini, '64

Nat Theibert, '65, nurse and midwife

Cyndia Sandberg, '66, nurse and midwife

Chris Conradi, '67 Physician's Assistant

Nancy De Mers, '66, nurse, especially psychiatric nurse