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Our ‘60s SHHS Teachers -
How do you remember our teachers?



Right, Mr. Gary Lines, orchestral and band music


* = deceased

You can find our teacher obituaries at:



Allec, Mary Lou, P.E. *

Ames, Carl – Civics and Economics

Baar, Bob – P.E. *

Bailey, James - Agriculture *

Baker, Harry – Biology

Baker, Lu Anne – Spanish

Barnett, Garner - P.E. *

Bayler, Walt -  Physics * 

Becker, Helen – French *

Bell, Tom – Counselor, Mathematics

Berck, Neil – Industrial Arts

Bernot, Lois - English

Bresee, Tom - Counselor  * 

Bevington, Lloyd - *

Brewster, Richard – Mathematics

Carhart, Peter – P.E. *

Chestnut, Mary – Drill Team

Cohen, Diane – Modern Dance

Cole, Kenneth – Chemistry

Crippen, James – History *

Crow, Cecil - P.E. and Driver’s Ed

Dewey, John – Business *

Egertson, Oswald - Principal (until 1962-1963) *

Ekedal, Mildred - P.E. *

Elwell, Ruth - Speech and English *

Enos, Charles – English

Esgate, Wallace – German * 

Ferzacca, John – Drama and Creative Writing *

Fisk, Jack – Business

Fitzgerald, Vera - Nurse

French, Marjorie – English

Galey, Sue – Business

Gallegos, Juana – English

Garabedian, Janice – Home Economics

Garland, Ron – Industrial Arts *

Gary, Suzanne – English *

Gordon, Kenneth – Industrial Arts *

Goveia, Ron – Civics

Hagedorn, Virginia – English

Hathaway, Bert - Principal (from ’63-64) *

Hawk, Russell - P.E. *

Hidden, Eleanore – Librarian

Hunt, Wesley – Mathematics, Science *

Iwan, Mary – French

Jacobs, Suzan – English

Johanson, Elna – General Education *

Johnson, Doris – Drama

Jones, Julita – Art

Joyce, Phyllis – GAA

Kerrigan, Gerald - Latin

King, Lenore – English

Klinghoffer, Jean – English

Larson, Don – P.E.

Larson, Joe – Mathematics

Lasswell, Edmund – Mathematics *

Lawson, Walt (Ray), - P.E. *

Lewis, Mary – Speech

Lines, Gary – Orchestral Music, Marching Band

Lingenfelter, Bill – P.E.

Linn, Robert – History *

Liscomb, Avery – Mathemetics

Macadam, Susan – Spanish

MacFarlin, Annie Lu - Counselor

Martin, Eugene – P.E.*


McCall, Gordon - P.E. and Health Education

McFarland, Lloyd – Industrial Arts

Meier, Fred - Dean

Miller, Gary - Biology

Miller, Susan – P.E.

Mitchell, Leroy – P.E. and Driver’s Ed

Moore, Linda – French

Moore, Mary – History

Moroni, Charles – Industrial Arts

Nordstrom, T.L. – Biology

Obler, Frances - English, Drama and Journalism

Oleyar, Rita - English *

Payne, Wayne - P.E. -- deceased

Pohlod, Harold – Business

Quijano, Reuben – Spanish

Randolph, Maxine - English *

Reeder, James - Mathematics *

Reiner-Wilson, Joan - History *

Ritner-Simpson, Julie - English

Roberts, Patricia --  Speech and English

Robertson, Milt - Dean *

Root, Evelyn  - Latin, Spanish, French *

Saul, Gloria – History

Sayers, Gerald - English *

Schmidt, Betty – GAA *

Schumaker, Bernard – Physical Science

Scott, Leslie – English

Sethman, Arvin – Industrial Arts

Sietsema, Gerald - Chemistry

Simpson, Stan - Wood Shop *

Skain, Richard - P.E. *

Smith, Carolyn – Home Economics

Smith, James Kent – Counselor *

Smith, June – English

Smith, Topper - Speech and Music

Snyder, Paul – Mathematics

Spitler, Don – Art

Sproul, Duane - Chemistry

Stuart, Margo – German

Tate, Twila – English

Thompson, Nancy – Counselor *

Traylor, Gordon - Mathematics

Vanderbilt, Cornelius – History

Vaughan, Ray - Vocal Music *

Vellekamp, Hank - P.E. * 

Vinson, Louise - Economics

Wall, Helen – Home Economics

Wallace, Harold - P.E.

Walther, Helen – Business

Weisseman, Helen - Dean *

Woods, Alan  – Speech

Woods, Mike – Mathematics

Yunker, Kathleen – English


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Paul Willis, '63 on July 21, 2015 at 12:22 AM said:

I have several to mention at old Sunny Hills.
Of course Mrs Johnson with her tremendous passion and Drama for Drama serve Richard , I and Alma Becker on to eventual careers in Drama, and many others to a passion for that art. In addition there was Michael Xavier Corrado, a gentleman with style to the extreme was an very fine English teacher. He spoke the King's English and really cared. Probably one of the most successful teachers of my time was Topper Smith, speech and music teacher. We won many , many speech tournaments . These were all folks with passion and knowledge and a lot of personality. As I remember their passion frequently rubbed the administration the wrong way , but it made all the difference to me. Just mention one teachers at NIcolas Jr High. the Social Studies teacher Mr McLain who I loved dearly and can see before me now. He was warm and made history alive!
andy wendland 67 on July 15, 2015 at 8:02 AM said:

Please don't forget Evelyn Root our beloved Latin teacher

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A '67 Lancer writes --

Paul, here is my list of favorite SHHS teachers and coaches.  Some of them were profound positive influences in shaping my view of the world in transcendent ways.
My most memorable and favorite teachers from an academic perspective at SHHS were:
1.  Maxine Randolph and Fran Obler, English – a tie.
2.  Evelyn Root, Latin.
3.  Gen. Walter Baylor, USMC, Physics.
4.  Paul Snyder, Math.
5.  Wally Esgate, German.
6.  Julie Ritner, English.
7.  Louise Vinson, Economics [she also taught the course in Civics, I believe].    
8.  William J. Kerrigan (formerly of the Society of Jesus), Latin.
9.  Harry Baker, Biology.
The four teachers who affected me most in terms of taking a personal interest in me and giving me advice outside of class about college, career and life were Randolph, Obler, Esgate and Kerrigan.
My favorite coaches were:
A.  Garner Barnett
B.  Bill Lingenfelder
C.  Wayne Payne
D.  Gordon McCall
Of the coaches, the most influential long-term was Payne, who gave me some excellent advice about how to think about sports, winning and losing; and he made me realize for the first time that sports is an allegory for life itself and that what I learned on the athletic field would give me strength and insight that could be applied in every field of endeavor.