Margaret Beebe, ‘65
"When you went  to a slumber party .. "

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(Tthe tune of Rick Nelson'"Garden Party")



When you went  to a slumber party

With potato chips, Clearasil and bobby pins

All night fun with all your friends

You stayed up late to play 45s

Discussed the boys with the cutest eyes

You might even have decided 

You’d enjoy a good cry together

By 2 AM you all conked out

Slept like angels till the waffles got hot


A slumber party was warm and cozy

Pretty soon boys were more imposing

You had whirls and proms and pinnings 

Wienie roasts at the beach

Bold boys with a long long reach

Before long came babies 

And a husband or two!

Oh, would you go back just once 

Pull on your jammies

And go to another slumber party?


Would you go to another lumber party?

Slumber party, slumber party, slumber party

Oh, why don’t you go to another lumber party?