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A Family Gas Station in West Fullerton
Owned by the grandparents of Mike Bland, ’65. See the story below the photos. Thanks, Mike.

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Mike Bland, ’65: 

"My grandfather Hans Jager and my grandmother had a gas station on Orangethorpe and Brookhurst, shown in the first photo, 1926. 

"The second photo shows the Brea Olinda oil fields with my grandfather Jager. He is the 6th one from the left. Not sure of the date but he lived on Gilbert and had 10+ acres there before the 91 Freeway came and took most of it. 


"My mom attended Orangethorpe School, Fullerton High and Fullerton JC. 


"My dad lived on N. Pritchard just east of the airport. Both parents ended up working for Fullerton Elementary School District at Orangethorpe Elementary School. 


"Anyone old enough to remember the oil fields and the old gas station?"




Mike Gaggia, ’67 writes: "Well, I went to Orangethorpe Elementary from 3rd - 6th grade. Teachers: Shelton, Neal, Topik and Bell. There were 2 gas stations at the Orangethorpe/Brookhurst intersection, across from each other. Actually, there was a 3rd on the Owl's Rx corner. One had the old bubble-type gas pump, w/ 10 cent bottled oil. The other 2 were more modern. I remember numerous, old, two-storied homes dotting the area. Definitely from an era gone by. Fun place to grow up, with lots of free-for-the-pickin' fruit. At least I thot it was free--- 061018.