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A new appointment at SHHS
Sunny Hills has had some African-American teachers over the years, and black students since about 1971 or so, but Mr. Jones is the first black administrator..


Mr. Paul O. Jones is a graduate of Concordia University in Irvine and earned a masters degree in Coaching and Administration from Cal State Fullerton. 


He  was the Athletic Director at Orange Lutheran High School in Orange CA.


He has served as the Head Discipline Administrator at Norco High School, Norco, CA


He was at the owner and a trainer at a B.E S.T. Speed Training franchise,  and a member of the Templeton CA Chamber of Commerce in San Luis Obispo County, CA.


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Paul Shepard, ‘64 on August 7, 2020 at 9:45 PM said:

Checked out his LinkedIn profile and like what I see. Good Orange County, education and coaching/administrative backgrounds. Looks like a good hire.

Welcome aboard, Coach!

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