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Adria Ann McMurray, '66
One of our finest friends

Then and now -- I have no doubt -- Adria Ann was one of our most brilliant, highy respected and most trustworthy '60s Lancers, a person of impeccable integrity. I remember her most vividly as an Accolade reporter and editor.

Today Adria Ann is an attorney in Northern California.

That '65-'66 Accolade staff may have been the finest in SHHS history. Their members were Adria Ann; Monica Maluy; Candy Moore; Pete Claudius; Stan (now Martin) Roberts, photographer; Kandy Smith; and from '67, Julie Bomke, Randy Mudrick, Nedra West, Helen Hamshaw and others.

That school year, elements of Western culture underwent an acceleration of mass media coverage and significant events here and abroad, and we all felt these changes acutely in our daily lives. So many of us had older siblings, neighbors and friends away at college, or in the armed services, talking and writing to us from Haight Ashbury in San Francisco, Saigon, Greenwich Village in New York City, Berkeley and Palo Alto, Pleiku, Manila, Canada, London, North Africa, Hong Kong, Chicago, the Deep South and elsewhere.

The Accolade reporters and editors ushered us through the British Invasion music; Mod and Carnaby Street fashion; the escalating war in Vietnam; growing campus demonstrations and unrest in US colleges and universities; heightened dissatisfaction not only with President Johnson but with authority in general everywhere; continuing Civil Rights events and tragedies; the culmination of folk music in the US; the advent of drugs in Middle Class America, especially the strange new psychedelic substances; the US economy booming as never before, but with ominous undertones; growing use of the Birth Control Pill with revolutionary implications; the growing Feminist movement, then styled Women's Liberation; a louder and stronger voice of Gay and Lesbian America; and in California, the rise of actor/commercial spokesman Ronald Reagan as a public figure.

Millions of Americans had the impression everything everywhere was changing, and these SHHS teenagers who wrote and edited the Accolade took all of it on courageously and did their best to capture it on their pages. Mrs. Frances Obler was their advisor, and remains a beloved figure to these people today.

It was an exciting time.

We'll add a photo or two of that newspaper staff later.