Adriana Bustos Saez, '67


This photo of Adriana seems to be from about 2020, from her Linkedin account. She was one of our American Field Service (AFS) students in 1966-1967, and lived with the family of Robin Weeks Trozpek, '67 on Avolencia in Golden Hill. 
Adriana was a wonderfully cheerful, genial lady who seemed to find joy in being with new friends and classmates at Sunny Hills. I remember sometimes an idiosyncrasy of language and meaning amused her, and she had an engaging way of laughing, with dark eyes shining.I had a small notebook I used for English class notes and I  wrote "Anguish" on the cover, in the kind of silly pun Bill Shockley and I loved. Adriana saw it and thought it was hilarious.
I believe she pursued a career in Peru and became an executive in Lima. By 2005 or so, her son -- or one of her sons -- came to Pasadena to become a Caltech student.
I don't mean to imply Adriana has left us by using past tense. No, I think she's retired.
Hello, old friend!

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Chuck House on July 6, 2023 at 12:00 PM said:

Adriana has moved to Austin Texas, near her son's family.

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June 12, 2023