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Linda (O'Toole) Murdock, '67 sent these photos this morning. May 7, 2010 Linda writes that she and her friends met for dinner this week at Mahe in Dana Point. "Jackie (Whitfield) Turek, '67 and I hadn’t seen Carol (Roberts) Fuller, '67 since high school. Lynn Smith, '66 is in the bottom picture. Everyone is fine and we had a blast seeing each other again. Barb (Smith) Whitfield, '67 is married to Jackie’s brother, Gary, '64. Enjoy" Thanks, Linda. I added all those graduation year numbers. Linda doesn't talk that way, like, "Hi, Paul, '67!" Left to right, Linda, Carol, Jackie and Barb. Jackie is married to John Turek, '66, who went by the last name Brimble in high school.