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Bill Shockley, '67

William M. (Bill) Shockley, happily married and father of four, is an author of many westerns and Civil War era stories. He graduated Oberlin College in 1971, and went on to also graduate Clarion West Writer’s workshop in 1988. In the 1990’s, Bill wrote westerns for Louis L’Amour’s Western Magazine, and during these years was also a non-fiction writer for various journals. From the 1990’s through the 2000’s, Bill wrote science fiction for magazines such as the prestigious Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, Pulphouse, and Tomorrow. In the 1980’s, Bill was a Radio Playwright for the Janus Company on KPFK-FM (Pacifica Station) with 19 productions to his credit. Into the 1990’s, he was a Radio Playwright for Take One Radio Theater with 8 productions to his credit. From 2012 until present, Bill has enjoyed his position as Radio Playwright/Director/Producer and general factotum for Wycked Fell Radio Theater though 106 (and counting) productions. ( Bill has also been a music critic for Review Magazine. For more of Bill’s stories, see MORDECAI—a short story appearing in the Sundown Press anthology SUNDOWN WESTERN TALES.