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The family of our old friend Dr. Rod Handsfield, MD, ('67), a retired Urologic Surgeon and now an Addictionologist in Kansas, came to Anaheim in about 1900 and lived on the same street as my mom's family and Larry Comstock's '66 dad's family. Rod still has cousins and maybe uncles who live in North Orange County. Isn't that correct, Rod? My mother's great uncles and their brother, her father, came here from Hays, Kansas in about 1900, too. My grandfather finished grade school in 1905 in Anaheim. He and all his brothers worked in the orange groves at one time or another. My mom lived in Anaheim until the end of World War Two, not counting college in Los Angeles, and then moved to Fullerton. Even my father came here as an Air Corps cadet in 1943 and lived in Orange