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Our buddy Mark Collins, ('67), a Tucson, AZ attorney since the 1970s, is the grandson of the Honorable Sam L. Collins, Speaker of the California State Legislature from the 1940s into the early 1950s. Speaker Collins, or Sam L., came to live in Fullerton after serving as a US Army gunnery sergeant in World War One and the Mexican Expedition. He took up Fullerton residence around 1921, and his son Mark E. Collins, longtime Fullerton attorney, Mona's husband, father of Mark, Patrick and Casey, lived in Fullerton his entire life, exception for service in the U.S. Marines. Mark's mother, Mrs. Mona Ratleff Collins, also grew up in Fullerton, Sam E. was Muck's dad's best friend from childhood to the grave. If you put aside a greenback dollar for every client Sam L. and Sam E. had in the local citrus industry, or friends and neighbors involved in that industry, no even counting casual acquaintances between 1922 and their deaths, you'd have enough money to buy the great Taj Mahal in India, move to Sunny Hills High School and put it in the varsity baseball diamond. (Right, Sam E?)