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Al Gill, '66, 1948-2009


Classmates, Dennis Challman, '67 just told me via email that Al has died, on December 11, 2009.

Dennis got the sad news from Marianne (Luther) Seefeldt, '67, who'd received a call from Al's sister, Debbie Gill.

For now, that's all the information we have.

When we knew Al -- William A. Gill -- he and his family lived in he neighborhood just south of Nicolas Junior High School, several blocks west of Euclid, above Orangethorpe.

The Gills lived on Hill. Nearby '60s SHHS classmates include Barb ('67) and Dale ('65) Smith; Steve Pachecho, '67; George Gomond, '66; Rick Raczka, '66; Mike Staffieri, '68; Apgar family, near Bruce (Slugger) MacPherson's family at the southwest corner of Hill & Orchard, close to Donna Baker, '66 at the northwest corner of Lee & Hill, and also close to Chris, '66 and Brad, '67 Haymond; Vince Tulumello, '66 on Porter; Bill Pittman, '67 on Porter; Jeff Nix, '67 on Hill; Jeannie (Skinner) Bucheister, '65 on Hill; Jeanne Christianson, '66 on Hill; Peggy Fields, '66 one street south on Porter; Joe O'Malley, '65 on Hill; Lynda Muller, '67 on Orchard, and both the Luther and Seefeldt families nearby. Jerry Frazee, '65 lived at the of Hill, almost to Euclid.



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Dawn Cottel (Meyer) on January 21, 2016 at 8:13 PM said:

I was married to Al and sadly lost him to his vices. He was a fun person and will be missed.

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