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Allen Stern, '66
Allan holds Ed.D and CHCM degrees. He is a Professor and the Chair,  Division of Applied Science & Technology at Marshall University, Huntington, West Virginia.
Allen writes: "The plane is an experimental kit designed by Richard VanGrunsven more commonly known simply as a Van’s RV 6A. They are sold as kits out of Aurora, Oregon and you assemble them at home or an airport. I spent almost six years building my first kit and have just finished my second airplane kit also a Van’s RV 8A. They make about eight different models of kit airplanes for people to build. The plane has a 160 hp engine and will do 170+mph. So far I have flown it to Philadelphia and Nashville and it sure beats driving your car. I got the nickname “Snake” while at Texas A&M university from a friend. A joke between us. I was known as “Mouse” while at SHHS, that moniker was given to me by Jeff Shultz if I remember right. Like WW II pilots we name out planes. My yellow plane is called “My Girl” and has a Cheshire cat on the engine cowling."