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An endearing teacher. At Nicolas, Dr. Robert Fisler  would sometimes say “WHOOPS!” Hahahahahaha!
When his piece of chalk broke, or maybe if a piece of paper fell off his podium. He was a great, great teacher. He taught at Nicolas from the 1950s until he had to retire, and then appeared in schools around town for science  talks,




Dr. Fisler in front of Fullerton elementary school named for him in 2004 -- the first Fullerton public school built in 30 years. 


He was also ambidextrous, Sometimes he'd write with his left hand on the board, then switch his chalk to his right hand. Did you notice?



It makes me happy to remember Dr. Fisler! 

Fisler Elementary School is north of Sunny Hills High School in a new part of Fullerton. 

His obituary: