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Ann Ray Shockley, 1949-1997
Ann was a perennial honor roll student at Sunny Hills, with many long-time friends.


Ann was an elementary teacher in Riverside, CA when she died of a pulmonary embolism. She graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a B.S. in chemistry and physics. She and Bill Shockley, '67 were married in August 1971. The ceremony took place in her parent's backyard on Domingo Road in Sunny Hills West. 

Bill and Ann had three children: Alice, Michael and Kenneth (K.C.). They lived first in Fullerton and then for many years in the Riverside, CA neighborhood of La Sierra. 

Ann was a brilliant woman, a terrific cook, and a fabulous homemaker, too. She baked, and she and Bill took their kids out to pick cherries, apples and berries, some of which Ann would turn into preserves. Another of her interests was painting ceramic figurines, tea cups and china.

She and Bill were deeply involved, loving parents who took their children on vacations and trips often.  Ann had a droll sense of humor and a beautiful way of laughing out loud.  She was also calm and unflappable, and these characteristics served her especially well as a teacher. 

A favorite place for Ann, Bill and the Rays was Mendocino, CA, where Ann's father Bud owned a vacation home. They went so often, I think they knew every inch of the terrain between Orange County and that home. 

Ann was preceded in death by her mother, Frances; her older brother Ken (Buzzy), SHHS '62, and her younger brother Edward, SHHS '72. Ann's father, Bud, passed away later. 

When Ann died, there was a tremendous response of love from her fellow elementary teachers, administrators and staff, as well as students. The memorial service for Ann was standing room only, and she was truly loved and appreciated. 

As a close friend of Bill from SHHS days, I visited Ann and Bill's home often. Their home was warm and relaxed always, with good meals and plenty of laughter. Many of us miss Ann. 

By the way, in our pre-Women's Liberation days at Sunny Hills, Ann was nevertheless one of the top science and mathematics students. Bill was always proud of that accomplishment, and all the others Ann made. 

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Sandra McFarland on September 15, 2014 at 3:48 PM said:

Ann is and will forever be in our hearts. She was my sister in law. I will always remember the great times we had, Bill, Ann, and little Alice with Bob, me and Chris. It was the best of times. I miss her, her warmth, laughter, and outgoing positive energy. She was a joy to be with.

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