APPRECIATION: Our Sunny Hills Teachers
1960s Lancers only. Remember to leave your full name and year of graduation.


Our classmates have mentioned Mr. Gordon Traylor, math; Mr. Bailey, agriculture; Mr. Payne the coach; Mr. Vaughn the choral music teacher; Mrs. Elwell, the speech teacher; Mr. Linn, the history teacher; Mr. Crippen, the history teacher; Mr. Ferzacca, the drama teacher; Mr. Bayler, physics;Mrs. Reiner, the history teacher;Mrs. Julie Ritner Simpson, English; Mrs. Maxine Randolph, English; Mrs. Francis Obler, English and journalism; Mrs. Suzanne Gary, English; Mrs. Root, languages; Miss Anna Lu McFarlin, counselor; Mr. Fred Meier, dean; Mr. Tom Bresee, counselor; Mr. Gordon McCall, physical education; Mr. Russ Hawk, education; Mr. Tom Bel, math; Mr. Edmund Lasswell, math, and more. 

These wonderful teachers were also people who personally touched and inspired us. Other teachers, however, also played very important roles in educating us and helping us mature into young adults. They deserve credit, too. 

We’ll dedicate this page,then, to remembering and thanking all our teachers, 


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