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Cece Ryan, '68
West Fullerton little League 195 Identification
Paul Willis, '63 On Acting
Dale Spitler, '66, 1948-2010, I THINK

Lynn Smith, '66
Greg Wexler, '68. OUR PHOTOS, THEN AND NOW
'60s Sunny Hills Doctors
Cheryl Mahony, MD, 72 1952-2015
Mrs. June Chapin, 1926-1975
Marci Rerucha, '67.OUR PHOTOS, THEN AND NOW
Janet Vandergrift, '69. OUR PHOTOS, THEN AND NOW
Dr, William H. Wickett, Jr. MD, -1950- 2005
1966 and 1967 mixed
Dave Andersen, '67, up close
John Kent, '67. 1949-2021
Joseph Prais, 1954-2007
Mark Mohr, '68
Steve Van Gelder, '65 Update
Mrs. Mary Goode, 1917-2014
Chris Conradi, '67, musician
Our Summer Jobs (2019)
Mr. Heinrich Helwich, RIP
Kevin Maley, '68, 1950-2010
Jim Ray, '69, 1951-2921
Gordon Carter, '68
'66 Lancers at the beach
Martha Wilkinson, '65 video
Alan Wood, '67, 1949-2021
'68 Moments
'60s Lancers & the SPOON
'65 Moments
'67 Moments
Paul Willis, '63 on Mime
Richard Strauss, '69
Pamela Wensel, '65, OUR PHOTOS NOW AND THEN
John Turek, '66, 2018
Teachers We've Lost, 2021
Steve Noonan and Greg Copeland
Mr. Eugene Martin, 1935-2021
Gene Martin & '56 Champs
'68 Pays It Forward
Mr. & Mrs. Powers
Fullerton & Brea, 1955
Jackie Nelson, '67, 2016
Mark Smitt, '65
Linda Lyon, '68, 2016
The Music of Allen Crutcher, '64
Dennis C on Pedal Steel
Colleen Harvey, '68, 1967
Bill Morgan, '67 UPDATE
Mary Carol Bullard, RIP
Chris Spurney, '65, Death
Patricia Sue Fowler Foster, '62, 1944-2021
Mr. Edward E. Feichtinger, 1920-2020
IN DEPTH: Greg Leisz, '67
Mr. Albert "Al" Merriam, 1927 - 2021
Review: James and JB
Mrs. Janet Smith Davis, 1936-2021
Obituary inquiries, 101921
James, Jackson, N.O. Oct 17, 2021
HISTORY: 60s SHHS Families in 1922
Nicholas, not Nicolas
A girl we knew
SHHS Today (10-3-21)
Mr.Robert F. Beaver, 1907-1996
OUR PHOTOS, THEN AND NOW: Ed (Severin) Browne 68
Gary Young's Epiphany
Joe Romeo '65 2021
Carports at SHHS
Carla Moore Harrison, '68 and her sister Candy Moo
Claudia Reott, '64
Carl Loeffelhardt, '65
Susan Dickson 69
Mrs. Molly Lyon
'68 Reunion, 070922
Mr. Leon Lyon, 1920-2010
Mrs. Jo Lasorda, RIP
World’s largest trees
A Song For Us
Did you ever?
Lancers discuss the SPOON
When you walk your dog --
Are you from Whittier?
Mr. Wayne Edmund Burtt 1920-2021
In 1974
The News
NEW: Temporary Obituaries
A /60s SHHS Marriage In Trouble
Sunny Hills High School EPIC Building
When we were kids
Judy Ann Miller Johnson,1947- 2020, FUHS, '66
Poll: Best Dressed Lancer, 1959-1969?
Poll: Warmest smile?
Have a paper route?
Jackson, "Austin City Limits"
Brea plastic surgeon charged
10-02 reunion announced
Plane over Fullerton
The Ineffable John Schulze,'67
Plane Crash at Fullerton Airport, Monday
Poll: Most Benefit To You
Our old neighborhoods
COMMENTS by Lancers sInce 2000
Jimmy Smith's Sunny Hills Swim Club
Jackson wins in Syracuse
Mrs. Leah C. Otto, 1923-2020
1960s Lancer Car Directory, 1960s
Interview: Brian Kelley '69
The beach this week
Janabbie Bloomenthal, 66
JB Interview & Set List
Greg Lorton,'64,1946-2021
Dr. Nicholas A. Begovich 1922-2020
Dr. Fenn Nelson, DDS, 1922-1996
Fight covid with donations: The Panola Project
Mrs. Betty Sue Lancaster, 1927-2021
Burleigh Skidmore, '67 at Soho
Jackson, "I'm Alive"
Mrs. Marian L. Mulvihill, RIP
"Till The Clouds Roll By"
Greg Condict, '69, 1951-2004
Remove your picture?
Cathy Giddens, '69, 1952-2015
Mrs. Jenny Lee Coelho, 1931-2021
ABC7's Adrienne Alpert
Gary Young, '66, 2021
Jackson's 2021 Tour
Another Jackson Interview, July 26, 2021
Jackson, July 25, 2021
Mrs. Shirley Brashears, 1923-2014
Dr. Jon Kronick, MD '65, profile
Happy Birthday Today!
65 ladies at dinner
Madelaine Campbell, '67
July 14, 2021
Jackson's 2021 Tour Dates
OUR PHOTOS, THEN AND NOW Sheila York Peet, '67
'60s SHHS news to report?
Mr. Cecil Haymond, RIP
Charles Ritchey, '60, 1944-1980
Mr. & Mrs. Ritchey, RIP
George Ritchey, '68, 1950-2010
John Ritchey, '68. 1950-1990
By Severin Browne
Deborah Hentzell, '66, 1948-2020
Mr, Jim Sprague, Hall of Fame
Coyote Hills oil fields, 1920s-1930s
Mr & Mrs Burrt in 2016
Mr, and Mrs, Hartunian, RIP
A Flier’s Mission
Thomas Goodhope, '67 1949-2021
'60s SHHS deaths to report?
Bert Bristow, '62, 1944-2020
Mr. Glen Brunk,1924-2006
Master of the Mats
Mrs. Mary Lee Smith, 1920-2007
SH Doctors of 1960s?
Classmate obituaries
When Sunny Hills ..
Friends? Please email me!
"Looking Into You", Jackson Browne
Mr. Harry Purel, Sr. 1915-2006
Robert Larson, '62 1945-2021
Hip Hop at SHHS
Jim Catlin, '67
'60s Lancer Pilots
Mrs. Betty Gottula 1923~2009
Mrs. Mercedes Alles , 1915-2011
Mr. Nelson E. Burrin, 1920-1995
Second Largest Local Group
Mr. Ervin E. Yoder, Jr, 1925-2010
Chris Arnstein, '69 1951-2020
Mrs. Florine Yoder 1925-2006
Ellen Graebing, '69, 1952-2008
Mr. Gordon Traylor, 1926-2021
Nancy Grimm, 65.1947-2021
Cheryl Kavanagh, '64, 1946-2021
Dean Buffington, '67, 1950-2014
Bob Smirl, '64 video
Mrs. Ruth Hiltscher, 1933-2020
Mr. Bill Frost, 1927-2012
Rocky Pacheco, 1941-2019
New Trail In Town
Mr. Tobias "Lee" Stam, 1913-2001
Joyce Bayless, '67
Mrs. Columba Kaufman, 1920-2021
Steven Stiefel, 1943-2019
Tim Van Winkle, '67, 1949-2021
David Modesitt, '62, 1944-2004
Mrs. Alice Trowbridge, 1917-2007
Jim Arnold, '66 1948-2020
Hillside Drive In
Up at SHHS now ..
Rick Wilson, '65, 2021
WHEN WE WERE CHILDREN: Richard and Diana Damschen
Mr. Richard C.Jewett, 1912-1986.
A visit to Newport Beach
The Last Short Story
John Neeleman, ’64 All American swimmer, Colo St
Forrest Theetge, '65, 1947-2004
Mrs. Phyllis Butler, 1934-2020
Glen Bisel, '67, 1949-2021
Dave Fowler, '68, 1950-2021
Classmates We've Lost
The Husband's Promise
Where are you?
The Husband's Promise
Mrs. Jean Louise (Wood) Krueger, 1934-2015
Mr. H. Sparks McClellan, 1921-2020
Eating out this weekend?
Jody Chamberlain, '65
Man with Lancer name, 1
Experiment: Color/Nausea
Chubby the Champ Burger?
What '60s Lancer?
Dana Point, 1920s
Dr. Ernest A. Becker, 1914-1998
Suzanne Easton, '66 in 2020
Phoebe recruits Jackson
What would you have done?
Movie wisdom
SPOON INDEX, 2021 Update
Philanthropy of a '66 classmate
William Finch, '67, 1949-2018
Randy Lee Bish, '67, 1948-2018
John Tropiano, '67, OUR PHOTOS, THEN AND NOW
Can you relate?
Steve Blitch, '65, 2021
In eternal memory
Do you approve?
Dignity and Love
Error: Not Gayle
My favorite liviing writer
Bill Morgan, Arkansas Hemp Expert
The SILVER SPOON is packed with goodness daily
What an offer
1960 and 2021
Golf fan? TV western fan? Better click here!
Favorite house?
We ought to do this more often, too,
"The Silent Child", 20 minute documentary
Wayne Redfearn and friend
Jane Hanawalt, '66
Lancers leave comments on the SPOON
Come and get your FODD FOR LOVE music and song
Whar should I remove from the SPOON?
I have no FB account. Don't get hacked.
My lost Lancer friends?
Memorable Batting Stances
A Sensiive Poll: Marriage
Lancers at Disneyland, Update from around 2020
Our '60s teacher Julita Jones, Sawdust Festival
Kordyan Lewandowski, '66, RIP
Bob Beardsley, '66, OUR PHOTOS THEN AND NOW
Mr. Robert Ploung, 1925-2018
Another lovable dog
Your family in WW2?
Riding for Shrimp
$2M condos coming to Newport Beach
Unusual Polls For Unusual Times
Want more new photos?
The greatest teacher
Citrus packaging machine, 1969
Profile: Dennis Miller, '64
Mr. Ray Eiler, 1923-2021
OUR PHOTOS, THEN AND NOW: Vicki Prentiss, '69
James Pendergrast, '62
The Fullerton Loop: May be too intense for some.
Mr. Smiley Pharris,1916-1998
The last orange grove
2019-January 2021
Mrs. Betty Gottula 1923~2009
Mrs. Mercedes Alles , 1915-2011