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The eternal beauty of life & people
Moments like these in the video reveal our own humanity, our depth as beings, and our connectedness to all other human beings,  These moments melt our hearts, help us to find ourselves, and relieve our human anxieties,

American men are not supposed to be emotional, and supposedly should be tough and completely stoical, and hide their feelings and  and never talk about them. 

American men are never supposed to cry or express tender emotions, or allow themselves to be vulnerable and open. They are taught never to be that way around others.

Many American men believe they're supposed to avoid "sissy" stuff like babies, and sentimentality and sensitivity, and gentleness and sweet, touching moments. They believe that's "women's stuff", and "touchy feely", and bad, un-manly, even suspicious and weird.   


Watch the beginning of this video, and then click on the bottom of the video at 6:00 to see the little girl actually meet her new baby brother. Or watch the whole video.