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Birthplace of our parents

About 25% of the way through our obituaries of parents. For those of you who are interested in history.


At right, the christening of Julia Child with her mother in Pasadena. CA



1905: Ringgold County, Iowa

1908: Fairmount, Illinois

1911: Amon, Shawano County, Wisconsin

1915: Chicago, ILL

1915: New Lisbon, WI

1915: Oregon

1916: Blackfoot, Idaho

1916: Albany, CA

1916: Anaheim, CA

1917: Mimico, near Toronto, Canada

1918: New Britain, CT

1918: Honolulu, HI

1918: Anaheim, CA

1918: Monticello, Utah

1919: Drumright, OK

1919: New Virginia, Iowa

1919: Illinois

1919: Modesto, CA

1919: Hayward, CA

1919: Sinai, South Dakota

1920: Vandergrift, PA

1920: Loup City, Nebraska 

1920: Alameda, CA

1920: New York City. NY

1920: Indianapolis, Indiana 

1920: Chicago, IL

1920: Portland, OR

1920: Santa Barbara, CA

1920: Los Angeles, CA

1920: Anaheim, CA

1921: Minneapolis, MN

1921: Southland MO

1921: Los Angeles, CA

1921: Kansas

1922: Fullerton, CA

1922: Whittier, CA

1922: Porterville, CA

1922: Portland, OR

1922: Los Angeles

1922: Hickman County, KY

1923: Highland, IL

1923: Bakersfield, CA

1923: Detroit, MI

1923: Los Angeles, CA

1923: Oakland, CA

1923: Waterloo, Iowa (2)

1923: Los Angeles, CA

1923: Carencro, Louisiana

1923: Mitchell, South Dakota

1923: Saginaw, MI.

1924: Oklahoma City, OK

1924: Burma

1924: Bloomfield, IA

1924: Puyallup, WA

1925: Napavine, WA

1925: Wakita, OK

1926: Rural Louisiana

1926: California

1928: Cardston, Alberta, Canada

1927: Colorado Springs, CO

1928: Elbert, West Virginia

1929: Compton, IL

1931: Batesville, Arkansas


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Bob Kazebee ‘66 on April 8, 2022 at 5:55 PM said:

My father (Charles Robert Kazebee)was born in Cleveland Ohio in 1922
My mother (Jean Cordial Elliott ) was born in EauClaire Wisconsin in 1922

They met in 1944 at work in the Navy Bureau of Ordinance where Dad worked on the “Bat bomb” USA’s first guided missile. We moved to Fullerton in 1954 and lived on Fern Drive by Golden Hill School. Mom became a homemaker and Dad started his career in the Minuteman programs at North American Aviation then Rockwell and then Boeing until he retired.
John Robson on April 8, 2022 at 11:51 AM said:

Dad-Los Angeles, California 1921
Mom-Eureka, Montana 1922
We ended up in Fullerton because DoD and later the space program needed specialized rocket fuels and both of my parents were chemists with much expertise and half a dozen patents for rocket fuels. Northrop/Nortronics down on Orangethorpe and Lockheed in the Santa Ana Canyon were both very lucrative for our family.

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