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Books: Music & Humans
The Sound of Being Human by Jude Rogers
Did you ever wonder why some people at school were so deeply musical? Mr. Vaughan, Mr. Lines, Richard Bishop, Dick Henderson, Chuck Estes, Steve Van Gelder, Steve Noonan, Greg Leisz, Bill Dickinson, Dale and Mike Ploung, Coye Hubbard, L arry Loeck, Paul and Louise Nash, Dennis Challman, Charlie Hale, Tim Merryman, Chris Conradi, Penny Kidwell, Mary Lou Emerson, Frank Pizzuto, Annette Caldarelli, Lynn Rempalski, Marilee Stiles and many more. Celtic heritage, Irish heritage, Italian? Musical parents? Early exposure to music?
Sure, in different ways, to different degrees. But many of these people seemed to have music in their very essence. They lived music. Why? This book tries to answer these questions.