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DoHo Cafe brings surf-inspired, beachfront eats to Dana Point in Doheny Beach.,



In a '60s Lancer home high in a sylvan canyon of Villa Park one night:

"I remember DoHo's! I bought you a cheeseburger, onion rings and a strawberry malt!"

"You were broke. I paid."

"We drove down on Christmas Break In my bright red '40 Ford coupe with white sidewalls and flippers!"

"It was Easter and the car was your brother's."

"We ended up in Hillcrest Park and it started to  rain."

"Your hands were like ice and there was sand in the upholstery."

"I asked you to marry me and you said yes!"

"I said you'd have to ask my father first."

"A few months later we got married at First Methodist and after a week at Lake Tahoe,  I reported to the navy induction center in Dago."

"I was two months pregnant and my maid of honor was three months!"

"Beatrice Horgan! Did I ever tell you I made out with her once at a party on Brookdale? 8th grade!"

"You were drunk as a skunk and trampled the rose garden in back!"

"Ha ha. When I got back we moved up to Oakland and I started at Cal, and then law school in The City!"

"You kept me barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen!"

"Ha ha! I love you, Eleanor! By God, I surely do!"

"It's time for your medicine, Ralph, I laid out your pajamas."

"It's been a good life with you, my little cupcake!"

"Shut up and brush your teeth, you big lug! It has been!" Eleanor admitted, and when her husband grabbed her boobs from behind, she giggled and squirmed just like she had down at Dana Point so long ago.




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