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Charlie Hale Golf Course
Historic private 12,000 yard par 71 USGA golf course. A Richard Posey Course. Membership limited to 1960s Sunny Hills High School alumni and their guests. Course record: 59, Terri Wagner, 1964 & Bill Brehm, 1966.


At right, elite foursome of ‘68 women set  a new Charlie Hale 18-hole speed record of 21 minutes and 12 seconds. December 5, 2022.


FIRST HOLE. Other Side of the World Steve Noonan House, Almost South Harbor to Orangethorpe (Par 4)

SECOND HOLE. Fistfight Alley, Citrus to McDonald's Parking Lot (Par 5)

THIRD HOLE. Gawk at Jeannie Skinner's House, Near Hill & Citrus (Par 4)

FOURTH HOLE. Walking  Over Train Car Connections Between South Basque and North Basque (Par 3)

FIFTH HOLE. Long Ramp Up Hill From Malvern to Walk Past Fern Drive School (Par 4)

SIXTH HOLE. Nostalgic Walk East From Crestview & Valencia Mesa Past Strange New Houses on Kick The Can Parkway To Rich Man's Knoll (Par 5)

SEVENTH HOLE. Terrifying 65 MPH Descent On North Richman (Par 4)

EIGHTH Shortcut Between North Grandview Cul De Sac and Cerritos (Par 3)

NINTH HOLE. Bunny Hop Down Spur Line To Cardboard Sled Hill, Where Courthouse Was Built (4)

TENTH HOLE. Chameleons From Pomona Fair Release Area, Lakeside Terrace Across Laguna Lake to Lakeshore Drove (Par 3)

ELEVENTH HOLE. Wild Sunny Hills Parties Monument, 500-foot Tower of Aphrodite with beacon. Terraza & Catalina.  (Par 4)

TWELTH HOLE. Post-War Avenue of Staggering Wealth. Terraza South To Rancho Court. (Par 5)

THIRTEENTH HOLE. Borrow Dad's Car Raceway, Bastanchury to West Hermosa Drive (Par 4)

FOURTEENTH HOLE. Paper A House Between El Mirador to West Hermosa (Par 5)

FIFTEENTH HOLE. Wayne Wakeman Federal Mustang Range. East Las Palmas. (Par 5)

SIXTEENTH HOLE. Lonely Block on Puente where Lindee Hammond lived, near A&W Root Beer on Imperial (Par 3)

SEVENTEENTH HOLE. Tumbleweed & Jackrabbit Trail Across Open Expanse Between Sunny Hills West and Sunny Hills High School tennis courts. (Par 4)

EIGHTEENTH HOLE. Smoker's Hideout Behind Tennis Court Wall to Green Where Senior Center Was Wrongly Removed. (Par 3) 


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