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Let’s say you finish law school and pass the Bar and get great offers, leave the navy, earn your real estate license, get promoted to manager at Bob Burns, get your teaching certificate and an offer, Satan shows you how to write hardware code in an endless howling nightmare, you throw your easel and brushes off the Golden Gate to work for your father in law, you become pregnant and have to leave your job as a fit model at Chanel in Paris, Jesus appears before you on top of Mt. Baldy and advises you to sell your 1958 Telecaster, the exotic dancer you live with in Venice decides to enter a convent and your old girlfriend the oilman’s daughter in South Pasadena agrees to take you back, your two-timing no-good creep of a Significant Other in Del Mar is canoodling with a little Carrow’s waitress from Arkansas when you get home from your double shift at the receiving hospital and you throw his clothes in the street and decide to do dermatology instead of neurosurgery, or when Autonetics promotes you to foreman .. and then soon when you and your new spouse make a down on a nice place but not as nice as Mom and Dad’s although not too far from the Wedge, WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE AS A NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOR, if you could?


A – Mr. Vaughan and his wife

B – Mrs. Obler

C – Mr. Sayers

D – Frau Stuart and her husband who probably looks exactly like actor Maximilian Schell

E – Coach Martin

F – Mr. Traylor and his wife

G – Mr. Bailey and his wife

H – Mrs. Weissman and her husband

I – Mr. Robertson and the little lady

J -- Miss Elwell

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