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Chuck Bailey honored
Our friend Chuck, '64, has written a book called IF YOU FLY DON'T CRASH.
On July 17, 2010, Ms. Joyce Faulkner, the president of the MWSA announced the 2010 nominees for best books in their divisions. (See these books listed below the links.

Our friend Chuck is a nominee for an MWSA 2010 Award. Miss Faulkner wrote:

"Our reviewers scored your books near the top of your genres and for that reason, you've been nominated for an MWSA award. Your work is now being evaluated by a team of judges who will select Gold, Silver, 1st and 2nd runners up in each category. The winners will be announced on Veterans Radio Network (www.veteransradio.net) on July 31 at 9am Eastern time. However, you are all winners already -- just by your nomination. [See the rest of Miss Faulkner's comments below the link"

Your award includes a medal or certificate, a "monetary sum]" that varies depending with the particular award you ultimately receive. IF you do plan to come to the conference, you should get your reservations at the Wyndham University Place Hotel in Pittsburg.

Here are the 2 books in Chuck's division"

Military/Air Force
If You Fly Don't Crash -- Charles Bailey
Of War and Weddings -- Jerry Yellin

Click here to see Chuck's photo and his book. Click here to see Chuck's photo and his book.
Here is a self-portrait Chuck took as a USAF pilot.

Here are the other authors and their books honored, by category:

Historical Fiction
The Great Hour Struck -- Gary Varner
Days of Smoke -- Mark Ozeroff
Grey Wolf -- David Huffman
For the Fatherland -- Walter Zapotoczny, Jr
Sisters of Valor -- Rosalie Turner

Literary Fiction
Internal Conflicts -- Flint Whitlock
The Letter -- Jerry Yellin
Digger Dogface Brownjob Grunt -- Gary Prisk
Crack Between the Worlds -- Carmen Stenholm

Saigon Gold -- Hugh Scott
Breath of the Choson Dragon -- Jack L. Wells
Muted Mermaid/Shaved Ice/Chocolate Soup -- Del Staecker
Dangerous Past -- A. F. Ebbers
Child Finder: Resurrection -- Mike Angley

Rhombus -- Bob Gore
Echo of a Distant Planet -- Wayne J. Lutz

Surviving the Folded Flag -- Deborah Tanish

An American Knight -- Norman Fulkerson
This is Latch: The Story of Admiral Roy E. Hoffman -- Weymouth Symmes
An American Family in World War II -- Sandra O'Connell
A Life Well-Built: Bio of Brig Gen R. Fisher -- Lee Kelley

Creative Non-fiction
America's Finest -- Stephen Peterson

New Dawn: The Battles for Fallujah -- Richard Lowry
Fortress Raboul -- Bruce Gamble
Riding a Donkey Backwards Through Afghanistan -- Mick Simonelli
Truman and MacArthur -- Don Farinacci

How To
The Burntwater's Cook Kitchen Guide -- David Michaelson
A Retailer's Guild to Frugal In-Store Promotions -- Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Roadside Bombs -- William Little
My Last War -- Charles Grist
Missions of Fire and Mercy -- William Peterson
Nam Sense -- Arthur Wiknik

The Politics & Security of the Gulf -- Jeffry Macris
25 FREE References Every Texas Veteran Needs to Know -- Marylin Harris
MST: Military Sexual Trauma -- Miette Wells
The Military Father -- Armin Brott

Battlefields and Blessings -- Jocelyn Green
Faith Deployed -- Jocelyn Green
Tear in the Dessert -- Father Ron Moses Camarda
A Quiet Reality -- Emilio Marrero

A Hill Called White Horse -- Anthony Sobieski
Porcelain on Steel -- Donna McAleer
The Texas Gun Club -- Mark Bowlin
They Were Ready: The 164th Infantry -- Terry Shoptaugh

Military/Coast Guard
So Others May Live -- Martha Kotite-LaGuardia

Immediate Response -- Claire MacNaughton
The Road to Iwo Jima -- Tom McGraham
And My Mother Danced with Chesty Puller -- Bruce Hoffman

Shore Duty -- Stewart Harris
How Can You Mend This Purple Heart -- Terry L Gould
Paper Dragon, Wooden Ship -- Jack L Wells
War on the Rivers -- Weymouth Symmes

The Vietnam War: A Graphic History -- Dwight J. Zimmerman

Fields of War -- Robert Mueller
Cold War Peacemaker -- Pyette and Jenkins (Specialty Press)
Lockheed Blackbird Family -- Tony Landis (Specialty Press)
AMARG: America's Military Aircraft -- Veronico and Strong (Specialty Press)

Book of Poetry
Twisted Tongues -- jim greenwald and Ruth Gerhardt
She Wore Emerald Then -- Carolyn Howard-Johnson, Magdelena Ball

Single Poem
POW/MIA -- Mike Mullins

Children Under 12
My Sailor Dad -- Ross MacKensie
The ABC'S of OCD -- Kathleen Dunn
Daddy's Boots -- Sandra Linhart
Momma's Boots -- Sandra Linhart

Young Adult
Finding My Way: A Teenager's Guild to Living with a Parent Who has Experienced Trauma -- Michelle Sherman
Tecumsah: Shooting Star -- Dwight J. Zimmerman
Firefight on Vietnam Brown Water -- Lynn Salsi
My Story: Blogs by Four Teenagers -- Michelle Sherman and Deanne Sherman

Miss Faulkner's remarks (continued):

Our awards ceremony will take place at the Conference here in Pittsburgh on Saturday, October 2, at 6pm. I do hope that you will each join us to celebrate your achievements. Details about the conference are in our magazine, Dispatches. If you haven't seen it yet, you can get it here: http://militarywriters.com/documents/DispatchesJuly2010.pdf

Over the next few months, you'll see yourself all over our website, facebook, and magazine. By the being nominated, you'll be in our slideshow which appears on the front page of our website -- and if you'd like to have the slideshow run on your own site, just let me know and I'll provide you with the code. You'll also be invited to appear on various blogs aer the next year ... and you'll be featured on radio and public access TV shows at the Conference. I'll also be in touch with each of you separately as opportunities arisend radio shows