Class of 1965

Gary Bowden, ’65, Canyon High School Foundation
Dr. Jim DuHamel, DDS, Coach
Chuck Liddell’s Catalina
Frenchy at Laguna Beach in the rain
One day at the JC
Ride in the Swiss Alps
Frenchy and the Matterhorn
'65 Photos
Chuck, '65 gets '64 visitors at Santa Catalina
Noreen O'Brien, '65
Pam Richardson Hargesheimer, '65 is a winner of a
Dawn Parrett Thurston, '65
Terry Messick in Anaheim
Bob Flanders '65
Chip Campbell, actor, '65
Terry (Messick) Carlson
Orrin Kiefer, '65
Gordon Levy, '65
Attorney Lou Martin, '65
Mark Smitt '65 Videos
Rick Wilson wins a heat
Chad Redfearn, lacrosse
Rob Merritt retires (43!)
Frenchy at Laguna Beach in the rain